Rat Tail In Snapple

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  1. Alright so yesterday in lunch one of my friends bought one of those cans of snapple. He started to drink it and out came a rat tail into his mouth. He spit it out and started gagging and it was pretty hilarious hahaha. Should he like try to sue snapple or something? because i would be pretty pissed if their was a rat tail in my snapple.
  2. he could try, if he kept said rat tail and said snapple
  3. Creepy O.O

    One time I was sick and got a couple of those V8 fusion smoothy things. I pop one open, take a big long gump. Tasted nasty, looked at the lid, and it was covered in mold. I puked. More than once. Haven't had one since.

  4. Damn, I think he threw it all out. Sucks for him.
  5. Wow, that's so fucking gross lol
  6. trollin' trollin' trollin'
    hell yeah you should sue man, for a trillion dollars
  7. Sue them? I thought the rat tail was part of the drink. :laughing:



  9. I swear it happened man. You wouldn't sue if there was a rat tail in your drink?
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    this one time at troll camp...
  11. Take a pic of the rat tail, and the can. Keep the can and the fluid so they know you didn't drink it then just put a rat tail in it. The drink might get moldy or w.e but at least it shows you didn't make it up.

  12. I absolutely would. call the police lawl
  13. Jeez guys if i was going to troll i would make up something funnier than this lol.
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    They sell Snapple in cans? What the fuck is wrong with the world today? Where do they put the awesome trivia facts if it's a can?

    Edit: growerBabe, I see your CGI rat-eater and raise you one live human eating a mouse:


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