rastaweed does someone heard about this stuff?

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    Hi everyone :wave: so i found the web site www.rastaweed420.com they sell some kind of legal weed and i really wanna try that :smoke:
    but i'm little curious do they really ship their stuff or its just a scam?!
    Cuz on that web sit has not buyer comments and they live support dosen't work to. What can you recommendate to me? :confused:
  2. That stuff is bad for you bro, and not really a great high.

    Just smoke some weed?
  3. I wouldn't mess with any of that stuff. But thats just me.
  4. ..how about you smoke some weed instead?
  5. I tried some legal herbs from Poland last night, only get your high for half n hour and taste like fish. Its like smoking a vagina. Dont mess with that crap... Its chemical bullshit

  6. I lol'd :laughing:

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