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  1. So I'm just sitting around my apartment waiting for my friend to come over to have a nice smoke sesh. Well he calls me and asked if I minded if he brought a friend along. Of course I didn't mind since he said it was his dealer and he had some dank. Well they get to my apartment so I open the door and this guy he brought along was a huge 49yr old Rastafarian Man. (I'm 24, friend is 26) This guy had dreads down to about the middle of his back, super fucking red eyes, and has the biggest stoner grin on his face I've ever seen. I couldn't help myself and let out a small chuckle because he was like a walking stereotype. He had some slow ass reactions it was funny, you'd say something to him and it would take at least 5 seconds for it to click in his head and respond.So I'm getting ready to roll a J then this Rastafarian guy say wait and pulls out an eighth J. Of course my facial expression was like :eek: and he was like :laughing: So we smoked the J, I bought a 1/4, and they left. I dont really know the point of this story just figured I'd share it because it was my first time smoking with a Rastafarian, this guy was fucking hilarious though, I got his number probably gonna start buying from him, he has some dank.
    EDIT: Im pretty high right now so if this doesn't make sense I'm sorry.
  2. A kid my age in my town is a rastafarian and has been his whole life its super cool. He's one of the nicest guys i've ever met. I met him freshman year in high school and had a similar experience the first time i smoked with him, he pulled out two shittily rolled FAT joints (atleast 2gs in each) and we just got super high. His entire family smokes weed and his dad grows so he hooks us up if we cant find any bud
  3. lmao wish i can meet a guy like that
  4. Yeah it was definitely was something I hope to do again, he was one of the coolest people I've met by far.
  5. hahahaha thats funny. ive never met a real life rastafarian.... sound slike some serious fun
  6. Haha thats great! I have yet to come across a rastafarian though
  7. One of my buddys looks just like marley, kids sixteen tho and smokes more then me

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