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  1. I've been very much interested in the Rastafarian Faith as of late. But everything of read, says that you have to be black to be of the rasta faith. It does seem most fitting cause most of the religion revolves around skin color.

    So pretty much my question is, Do you have to be black to be taken seriously as a Rastafarian.
  2. The question you should ask yourself is:

    Why are you persueing This Faith? Is it because of MJ?? What do you want to get out of it??

    A guy that comes into my work everyday is Rasta. We both share almost identical views but i'm not Rasta.
  3. im not gonna b like "oh hey im rastafarian!! yay" cause i wanna look more like a stoner or anything. Im just very curious about it, its such a different and smaller religion.

  4. I have been reading about the rastafarians also. And Ive been looking through Buddishm. Hopefully Ill find my belifs eventually. Oh ya here;s the source: http://www.rastafarispeaks.com/cgi-bin/forum/archive1/config.pl?read=31965
  5. ahha thats kinda weird cause I was also reading up on buddhism
  6. Hey man, I have also read tons about this, and let me start you with a brief background of how i decided to look into it.

    I was in key west on vacation and we stopped at a pier for some drinks and food. There was this real good reggae band playing and so I listened to them all night and picked up one of thier cds they where selling. Since your questions was about race, I will tell you 2 where black, one was white, and one was I believe cuban.

    Anyways, I listened to the songs and thought they where tight, and then noticed that the word "jah" and stuff came up alot. (Their name is jah creation if you wanna check them out, or anyone can pm me and I can prolly hook you up the the songs online if needed.) Anyways I did a bunch of research and at first I was a little tooken aback because the songs are so peaceful and nice, but the inital vibe i got from the research was a little white hate.

    Anyways the religion started a little anti white due to slavery, apartheid and others. It has grown into a more equality driven thing although there are defenitaly some people practicing this religion out there who are very anti white, its the equvilent of some strict catholic out there who hates everyone who isnt white catholic. It doesnt really mean much. Im sure you are fairly familar with some of the aspects, and really the parts that had to do with race in the 60s 70s are more replaced with total equallity, not necessarily just for blacks.

    I dont know, sorry for writing alot, but what im saying is it isnt race bound, although its roots are probably in it. Just think of 2 dreadlocked jamican blacks guys, a dreadlocked white guy, and some cuban guy jamin and just singing about jah, and thats your answer. If it represents what you believe go for it. My personal way to approach this is just to take the aspects that I like from it and incoporate it into my overall beliefs, that way you dont have to be bound by one "religion".
  7. Jah is God I hope you kno...
    Like Spanish people say Dios
    Rastafarians say Jah or God
  8. The straight answer is no.

    Though, it is exceedingly difficult.

    The tenants of the religion is fundamentally to reject the western culture (babylon) and to remove the white influence from black culture.

    As a white person, you have to come to realize the great injustice that has been plauging africans and that you are, in a distant way, responsible.

    Rastafari has expanded past the rejection of white man since it's founding. It's now become more about returning to nature, recognizing your roots and culture and heritage.

    I would suggest you do alot of research and attempt to find out if there is any Rastafari community in your town. You'd be surprised.

    As with any religion, there are fantatics who believe solidly in the fundaments of the religion. In this case, that means there will ALWAYS be a Rastafari that reject you principally on the colour of your skin.
  9. It would be exceedingly difficult for me to find a rastafarian community in my town, I live in the middle of a christian bible thumping orgy.
  10. ^----in michigan? hm....i like that you borrowed exceedingly ;) go R_M 420...you need to do lotsssss of reading my man... usually when i start learning about a new religion or way of life, i'll run into something that i disagree with, in my own principals and take off in a different direction with a different religion
  11. Its my own personal philosophy that every person needs to find a path of their own, something to believe in. Find your path, find something to believe in, so long as it doesn't hurt others in the pursuit of theirs or hurt yourself. I've always felt that atheism is such a waste of a chance at spirituality. I personally am a Lutheran, and I stick to those beliefs. I'll always be a Lutheran. But that doesn't mean I can't read up on other religions and adopt doctrine in regards to how I treat other people or treat myself, etc. It saddens me when I hear someone say they are an atheist. I look at it like this: I can belive in God or Allah or Yaweh, and an Atheist simultaneously can believe in no deity, but that science is the root of all cause. Now, we can both live fulfilling lives, but my spirituality offers me the hope in my lifetime that there is something better for me after this life. The atheist, sadly, does not live with this hope. And I think there is a huge difference made in your life because of that hope. We both are going to die, and the atheist may be right, there may not be anything after this life. But I'm not going to know the difference then, and neither is he. But the difference was made in my life, and to me, that's enough of an advantage to find my spirituality. I guess to wrap it all up, just find your path... there's nothing to lose.

  12. +rep
  13. Its a shame but i believe you wont be taken as a serious rastafarian if you're not from Carribean backround, i dont even think and African Nigerian could try to say they're a Rasta. Buddhism is definately a very interesting religion largley concerned with finding your true path within yourself through meditation, concentration and learning.

  14. Being atheist has nothing to do with spirituality. It means I don't believe in a creator or protector god(s). That's all. It's not some cult that refuses to believe in anything non-scientific.

    I'm quite spiritual. I just don't believe that there's some Big Guy in the Sky who decided certain people could be Saints and that killing people in the name of religion is OK. Nor will I ever believe that a true and just God would let the kind of things done in His name (Christians, Islamists, anyone who hates in God's name), nor do I believe that God would hate a segment of his creation, as pretty much every organized religion does (as in, hating either people who just are not the same religion, or hating gays, or hating freedom of expression, etc).

    My personal religion of whom I'm the only member just doesn't believe in God and is therefore Atheist. But "Not Believing in God" does not mean rejecting everything any religion has taught us.

  15. Excuse me... I'm right in the middle of laughing my fucking ass off!!!! What a fuckin' beautiful image! :D :D :D :cool:
  16. I think many people think atheism is a belief that this is all there is... no afterlife... the lights just click off... no residual energy patterns... nothing... nil... kaput... gone... and that's all there is. But atheism is basically just a disbelief in God, right? With that definition, would being an atheist necessarily negate a belief in an afterlife?

    I don't know the answer to that because I'm not an atheist. I believe in a supreme entity that has all the answers to these sorts of questions that I ask on a daily basis. I also believe that there will come a point in time when all those questions will be answered. I will someday know why I lived this Life here on this Earth. That time may be when I die, or maybe after a few more lifetimes, or after an eternity in another dimension... but then I'm not going to know it until that day comes. So my Life's intention is to learn all I can and be the 'best' person that I can so that when that day comes, I'll have a nice little resume and portfolio to show who I am to the supreme entity and maybe get a better job out of the deal...! :D :smoking: :D :smoking: :D
  17. Believing in a religion doesn't constitue hating outsiders or preaching fundamentalism. Killing in the name of a god is never right. The fault lies with people, not with religion. I don't know where you're getting the idea that EVERY organized religion hates a certain group of people who are different or are not of the same denomination. I went to a Lutheran elementary school for 10 years, and I can not recollect at any time being taught hatred. Your stereotype of religion is unfounded, and it disappoints me.

    As far as your assumption that a true god would not "let the kind of things done in His name" is concerned, again, I digress: the people that kill in the name of a god are misguided fools that use fear of something they don't understand to condone hatred. Imagine a world where a god took care of everything for us. What would we learn? Where would the beauty in living be? Part of living is going through suffering and trials; if we didn't go through the ups and downs of life we would be fat, complacent robots. Doesn't sound like such a great existence to me.
  18. I agree that they're misguided fools (the killing in God's name), and I do believe that they are a very tiny segment of the population. But I do know that most Christians believe that Atheists go to Hell, and to me, that's the same thing as having a God that punishes everyone who doesn't believe in him (or having humans do it in His name). So if you believe that it's OK for me to live my Atheist life on Earth but burn in Hell for eternity, well, that just doesn't make sense to me. So that's where I'm getting the "hate" part (btw, I do know there are some religions that don't believe that non-believers should/will be punished, but most do). Also, as someone who spent 8 years in a Catholic school, I can honestly say that I DO know that some religions teach hatred, like the Catholics. I mean they say they don't, but bring up Abortion, pornography, gays, drugs, hell, anything morally objectionable and you'll find lots of people who'd gladly give you their hate-filled opinion. True that it's the person saying it and not the religion, but the line is so fuzzy that I don't actual care if it's the official dogma: Someone's still doing it.

    Tweech: Atheists generally lack a religion. They do not, however, necessarily lack spirituality and there is an important distinction. Religion has dogma, spirituality does not. From Wikipedia: "Atheism, in its broadest sense, is an absence of belief in the existence of gods." That's all it really is.

    EBA: It's convient that when people point out an absense of God's intervention, people always say it's just part of his "plan". Well, if God's plan is to let all the shit happen that's going to happen anyway, I see no compelling reason to worship him, and if you're going to respond with "well sometimes he does do stuff" then that just proves my point that (your version) of god favors some over others.

    Also, the way I see there are two ways:

    1) God sits back and does nothing -> therefore there's no reason to worship him except out of fear of the afterlife
    2) God manipulates things sometimes -> We don't have free will, and God is not just because clearly he does not prevent all evil although, under this theory, he's capable of it yet chooses only to help some people. and if letting evil things happen that can be prevented is "bad", then is God bad? (just a paradoxal question, not really asking it). But then if everything god does is good (even the "evil" things), does that make some evil good? (This will blow your freaking mind if you think about it long enough :p)

    And neither one do I want a part of.

    Anyway I'm done with this thread, I'd like to get out before it starts getting hot. I respect everyone's religious choice and have no intention of ever even trying to convert someone nor even looking down upon the religious; I'm just laying out a tiny sample of my belief and why I believe it.


    Forgot to say that there are religious atheists, you may know them as Buddhists. I'm sure there are others as well.

    //edit again

    Tweech: You seem to live your life the same way I live mine. However, I'm just doing it to be a good person, not to get a ticket to the clouds.
  19. So, as an atheist, do you believe in an afterlife? Just wondering... not trying to keep you in this thread longer than you want to be here. :cool:
  20. I've been reading the recent posts and this is a really intense argument.

    I'm too high and unconfronting to give you my 2 cents. But there are really good arguments on both sides.

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