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    Hi everybody

    This seems like a good place to talk about Jah. I believe in him - I am a rastafari. That basically means that my fundamental beliefs are freedom, peace, equality, nature, and universal love.


    So I was wondering, are there any other rasta here?
    Feel free to post your reasonings.
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  3. the reason was - i didnt know how to get rid of it
    im new

    but i fixed it
  4. rasta is chill. pretty harmless faith unless they're feeling black supremacist, which to the best of my knowledge has mostly faded from the movement.
  5. Historically it was a movement towards black empowerment.
    You get zealots in every religion - hence the supremacist and anti-gay people.

    But if you ask me, zealotry goes against the core beliefs of rastafari. I an I is a term which basically means that we are all intertwined through our souls, because jah is a part of all of us. We are all brothers and sisters.
    This means that the only thing we should do with other people - who do things that go against other rastafari beliefs - is try to show them the way. Not punish them, and not force them, Only help them.

    Another thing - we don't have a heirarchy. Nobody can become a bishop and tell the others what to do. This is what seperates us from christianity and other major religions. It is next to impossible to manipulate through this system.
    The ability for one person to take control, if you ask me, is what makes a religion fail.
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