Rastafari - real stoned! HAHAHA

Discussion in 'General' started by killeroo, May 12, 2011.

  1. Captain crazy, probably the best tour guide ever :smoking:
  2. LOL @ the laff
  3. Its almost like you have to force yourself to laugh like that. haha funny guy I like him.

  4. Have you actually met him?

  5. I believe they are only like 4 tour guides at the museum, so if you've gone you have like 1/4 chance you've met him

  6. Sweet, I wanna go! hahah
  7. Classic, didn't realise he worked ha ha :D

  8. Yeah Captain Crazy is the best, went to Jamaica in March and had him as my tour guide.
    Funny as fuck.
  9. Right I am going to plan a trip :smoke:


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