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  1. a rasta walks into a bank with a fat sack and puts it down in front of the teller
    teller: what the hell is this??
    rasta: whya bein foolish mon, i want to open a joint account
  2. i wish i was rastafarian
  3. same here those hats are badass
  4. Dude I wore those fucking hats even without dreadlocks.

    Long time ago though :laughing:
  5. haha. A rasta got killed by blunt force trauma :smoking:
  6. Rastafarian is just a religion.

    It is the belief that the 3rd Ethiopian Emperor was god.

    They are also not excepting of white people being Rasta.
  7. Fixed and about the white person part I cannot confirm nor deny if that is valid but it seems pretty vague dont you think? :laughing:

  8. no, just read up and watch some documentaries. they don't like white people.
  9. This is not right

    One love

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