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  1. An anyone be rasta-is it an actual religion-if so what does it entail
  2. True rastafarian is about believing that Haile Selassie I is Jesus reborn in a Black King; a wanna-be rasta is a person who takes on the aspects of imitating some aspects of it (like not congregating on Sundays, observing the Sabbath, celebrating the bingis, smoking only to meditate or to get closer to Jah, eating raw food and no meat, not working for the establishment, not twisting your hair, reading certain parts of the Bible, unless you come across the Holy Piby, and so many more things).
  3. Forgot about the Vow of the Nazarite (Numbers 6), not drinking any fermented drinks (no alcohol), when a woman is in her period, she is to be away from the man, and that is in general. There are also different types of Rasta: The Orthodox, the Nyabingi, the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the Boboshanti, The Congo, and others (rastas know them by Mansions of Rastafari).
  4. I'm interested to learn more about Rastafarian. Sounds like a really cool belief and yeah of course you get all the wanna-be's that say they're Rasta because of Bob Marley and the fact they smoke lol. Kills me inside.

  5. It seems that you do know a little bit about this. I just wanted to ask about your experience and your interpretation of Jah Rastafari.

    I have read a little bit about rastafari. And I am not one.
    But it always seemed to me that rastafari was about tolerance and accepting all who truly believe in Jah. About IanI.

    And yet many rastafari seem to be racist and sexist.

    Am I wrong?
  6. I've always been interested in rastafari. I dont know a whole lot about it though
  7. And yet many rastafari seem to be racist and sexist.

    Am I wrong?[/QUOTE]

    Do you have to be black/african american to be rastafarian
  8. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9O1XygQ1YOQ]What is Rastafari ? - YouTube[/ame]


    You ask I who is Rastafari
  9. don't be afraid to bump one of the other 500 'rasta' threads.
  10. @rusty bob the thing is this, though there are many generalizations about rasta being all about InI and One Love and those who accept Jah, Jah is God, to them Haile Selassie is the representation of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords (1 Timothy 6:15, Revelation 17:14, Revelation 19:16). There are the aspects of the faith of Rastafari and then there are the typical characteristics of those who practice the form of living without following the faith. I'm from the Caribbean, so there is a lot of information and connections to knowing true rasta; where as the conscious reggae music can carry you far enough as it can. About some rastas being racist and sexist, it happens a lot when there is no guidance towards the faith. It is based on just listening to certain messages that portrait dreadlocks (people who have "locks" and don't follow the commandments of Jah) and who sing about party and drink and smoke and the many women they have; that is not true Rastafari. Just like any religion, it is only the few that are truthful in glorifying and living to please the Almighty, don't follow babylon...(Matthew 7:15)
  11. @mrvaporist he is right in what He say, because to Rastas Haile Selassie is living in the I, living inside everyone because we are created in the own likeness and image of Jah (Genesis 1:27). To rastas Haile Selassie is the Creator.
  12. also rasta is individual in the person who accepts rastafari, but there are some key elements that they stand for, and they also observe holidays concerning Haile Selassie and black celebrations. @ripitriky you don't have to be black or have dreadlocks to be rasta; but you have to remember that it is a faith centralized and founded upon black history(Ethiopia is the Promise Land and Zion is on earth) and faith.
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