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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=132qby76Qac]YouTube - A Rasta Viewpoint[/ame] "what they put in the churhc they dont do in the church"
  2. How much of a rasta can he be? He's clearly groomed his hair in recent years.
  3. That's what I was thinking.
  4. dreads don't necessarily need to mean a thing, one Rasta doesn't even wear Dreadlocks and is responsible for the largest of all Rastafari movements.
  5. Are you talking about Haile Selassie?
  6. no, Prophet Gad
  7. Oh, I'm guessing it's not the same guy from The Bible or the Hebrew Bible.
  8. I love Rastafarianism. I'm not one, cause I dont share all their beliefs but damn are they some intrueging and inspiring people, so close to nature, and some herb smokers who just strum around and play music.. well some of em then.
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    yeh lil more recent in history than Pre-Exilic.
  10. While trying to avoid the Scotsman fallacy, don't you think there is a disconnect when the self-identified member of a group openly disregards central tenants?

    Isn't the definition of religious schism? Most theologists I've talked to would likely consider such an individual to be less representative of the actual ecclesiastical branch and operate more as a sectarian.
  11. I really hope all you guys are all Jamaican or African American. Don't preach about the Rastafarian religion if your white. You look so stupid.
  12. No one's "preaching". And religion knows no race.
  13. first of all , the Rastafarian religion is against the OPPRESSION of white people. It's not a religion for Caucasians.
  14. I don't share your ethnocentric viewpoint. It's a little too narrow-minded for me. There's no intrinsic knowledge available to a particular creed, race or religion that's naught available to the capacity of any other

    I guess Franz Boas should shut up about the Kwakiutl, huh?
  15. was kinda staring at the dudes post wondering... huh?
  16. lol id like to visit jamaica one day and smoke a spliff with a rasta.
  17. Wow narrow minded lol. Wear your Rasta hat around then. Its your choice. Be the white dude who smokes weed and thinks that hes apart of the same religion as the true followers of Jah.
  18. Rastafaris dislike the term "Rastafarianism" because they reject the "isms and schisms" that characterize oppressive and corrupt white society. The movement is referred to as "the Rastafari movement," "Rasta," or "Rastafari."
  19. You're suggesting that knowledge in intrinsic to racial groups. I hate to invoke such a loaded word, but that's pretty well racism - and you're accusing others of "narrow minded"?

    Not to mention your accusation presupposes an inaccurate or incomplete knowledge of the subject. Who's to make that judgement of an individual? I know of no tenant in Ras Tafari that would fundamentally rule out a Caucasian follower. There are obstacles and a certain type of rationalization that would have to be accepted. I agree that this is rare and likely not possessed by pop culturalist references to Ras Tafari.

    The issues is though, is that you're making definitive judgments about people you do not know and have not talked to. It's a generalization based on outward superficial appearance. To me, that seems far more close-minded that assessing individual beliefs and perspectives as they are encountered.

    Not to mention that one doesn't have to be a follower of a religion to debate and discuss it's theology and historical context any more or less significantly.
  20. You can keep calling me close-minded all you want. Do you know me ? Do you know the knowledge I posses on the religion itself? Why follow the religion if your white. Please tell me I would like to know. Is it the cannabis use that appeals to you?

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