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Rasta thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by votestoned, May 12, 2010.

  1. Can Rasta's smoke weed legally and how do i become one???
  2. Wow um... well in America it doesn't matter if you were the pope... no one smokes unless you are in California and have a license for it...:(:(
  3. Really?!!You'd change your religious views just so you can smoke 'legally'? Why not keep the views you have and keep smoking as you do now.
  4. I've seen a Rasta get thrown on concrete and arrested for weed. They cant do it legally, even though its part of their religion.

    And its deeper than just the dreads and weed, its a spiritual awakening that you probly arent prepared for if you just want "legal weed"

  5. isnt it legal in 13 other states also? lawl
  6. if im not mistaken a case about the rastas smoking legally didnt pass in court. they are the same as anyone else in america, the dreads and blackness and accent just make them more likely to get searched ahha
  7. this might not be 100% correct but in jamaica they cant smoke legally but people know its poart of their religion so they are left alone. doubt they would be allowed in any other country
  8. yep, as long as your in America or Canada, that's not going to happen. If you pack up and head for Jamaica, you may find more success :p there's been a long battle for cannabis use as an essential religious rite here in our democratic United States of America wherein religious tolerance and personal freedoms are supposed to be... important. Oh well! But, :devious: think about it more deeply. Cannabis is a religious sacrament, having been that way for thousands of years. You should learn about it. Maybe, consider making a pilgrimage to the near east, where in exchange for your spiritual allegiance, you could have plenty of hashish. Learn about it.
  9. there is another way.. indians in michigan can smoke on thier reservations
  10. I actually find that post offensive because I am somewhat rastafari myself - I practice some of their religion and have great respect for their people and for you to simply look at it as a way to smoke weed is offensive to me.

  11. No, you can't, and frankly if that's the only thing you see in the religion just move on. It's about a lot more than just getting high all the time. Seriously, grow up man.
  12. The THC Ministry is in several states and they worship cannabis. This is where I will be getting my cannabis after I get my medical card. They give it away to those who have their medical card, but they have a suggested donation. This is how they help take care of the sick. They are allowed to practice their religion which is the sacramental herb. They have been raided once or twice, but for the main part they are left alone. Anybody can start up a church, just google them.

  13. I was just wondering, shit, no need to be so fucking offended
  14. I always suspected thats whats in the Peace pipe :)
  15. Well I'll tell you why people are upset/offended.

    1. There is about 2-3 threads a day on this
    2. Like the poster up there said he is somewhat Rasta, and you're acting like a child just wanting to get high so you'd change your views entirely just to get high.

    That's immaturity. That's why people aren't so nice here.
  16. When marijuana should be legal in the first place, making a white lie that hurts absolutely nobody to legally obtain marijuana is not immature, it's being smart.

  17. Yes it should be. But that "white lie" severely undermines their religion. While I'm not big on religion myself, I still don't think its right to adopt a new one just so you can smoke cannabis. Religion is something that should take commitment.
  18. :yawn:
  19. you know you can like, google this.

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