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Rash after smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by kahha, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. So last night I was smoking some dank and all was fine until about an hour or so later, like my whole body started to break out in like a rash. I've smoked before, but never this specific kind of weed bc it was my friend's. But like this morning my rash is still all over and its super itchy and I dont think this is good. I took a shower and everything and so I know it cant be an allergy to something else... Like either I got 543589034 bug bites or something went bad? My question is what the hell happened, is this normal? this is only my third or fourth time smoking. and also will the rash go away soon or should i take like a benadryl??
  2. try taking a benadryl. i think it was probably something else but when you were high it amplified the sensations.
  3. My only guess is that the weed might have had mold on it. You really can't tell if it does. You just had a bad allergic reaction. Toss that batch!
  4. I know that super dank bud gives you acne, but I never heard of a rash. Maybe it was from something else? Where is the rash on your body?
  5. i took a benadryl because it was starting to spread. The rash is like legit all over. My arms my legs my stomach, and its horrible. After thebenadryl it stopped spreading but it still itches a lot. I put on anti itch cream to try and help. Its still pretty fucked up. I got so sick today I even threw up. I read somewhere else that if the weed isnt cleaned right it can upset your stomach and give you a rash... Maybe that happened? idk
  6. i think u smoked poison ivy brah
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    Actually I thought it was proven weed clears up acne??? Sorry bout the rash though never heard of that happening...
  8. Did you do anything out of the normal yesterday?
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I have a lot of other allergies and typically after a benadryl and shower whatever reaction I'm having goes away.Thats what I meant.

    Most of the rash has gone down but its still spreading on my arms and stuff. It looks like poison ivy but I havent been outside near anything like that in a couple days, and also the rash is under where my clothes were. So I have noo idea. Also I go sick to my stomach all day, could the weed maybe have been laced or something? My friend who smoked it didnt have any problem though. I know I sound stupid but I don't really know what I'm suppose to do here so any help is really appreciated.
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    OKAY. since you seem to completely incompetent ill try to help. but in the future, try and be less retarded and figure shit out on your own.

    first of all, what all are you allergic to? figure out if youve come into contact with any of these products within recent memory. if youve had very similar reactions in the past id take a gander you just came into contact with an allergen but didn't know. also, poison ivy can take up to 72 hours to show up, if not longer; and if youve never before been exposed to it it could take up to week. and you obviously dont know how poison ivy works. yes you will form a rash at the site of contact, however the sap(?) can VERY easily be spread by coming into contact with other body parts so yea...just because its under where your clothes cover doesn't mean its not poison ivy.

    second of all, google your symptoms. seriously. GOOGLE will 99% of the time be more effective at answering your questions and qualms than a bunch of stoned teenagers will. if the GC apprentice tokers thread forum was the first place you turned to for help, i believe another implied faceplam is in order.

    next, consult your parents about your reaction. dont tell them you think you got it smoking weed because one of two things will happen. A) youll get in trouble and probably make another pointless "i just got busted" thread. B) if they know anything about marijuana they will smack you over the head for using an illicit substance you obviously know very little about. they will either help solve your rash from their many years of experience not only in their own lives, but from raising you; or call a doctor to get your problem fixed.


    and yes, you sound stupid because you are. research marijuana a bit more, and dont smoke again until you have. is this your first time smoking the herb? second? it IS possible to be allergic to marijuana but you most likely wouldve noticed it after your beginning few sessions, if not your very first.

    and in response to the weed being laced? probably not if your friend did not have any negative side effects and smoked the same weed as you. PLUS usually weed is laced with other psychotropic drugs, which generally do not cause allergic reactions, you would most likely trip your balls off and end up waking up the next morning on someones front lawn.

    and to help make sure this never happens again: stop smoking weed until you graduate high school, and delete your grasscity account. your obviously very thoroughly uninformed or immature, and you smoking weed will probably only worsen the outlook of the marijuana counter-culture by the general public. plus, i dont enjoy browsing my favorite source of weed news, information, and discussion and feeling dumber after every visit because of threads like this.

    im not trying to troll or flame or anything, but i guarantee smoking weed will not be beneficial to your life at this stage. in reality im trying to help you. please take my advice

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