Ras boti????

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  1. i cant find anywhere to download any ras boti music. any help?
  2. is that an indian name of some sort?
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    i found them without a problem, which is all I can say without breaking the rules I think... :D
  4. i have no idea where he is from, i cant find him on wikipedia or anything. i just really like his music.
  5. can u DM me the link or something? or is that against the rules too?
  6. okay i finally found the song "ganja" but i cant find any others. heres a link to the song on youtube, i love it so much lol....

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZngfMvCwwFo]YouTube - Ras boti - Ganja[/ame]
  7. hmm that is bugged out.. I swear I posted this mornign before i went to work.. Anyways, they are from Spain, and I believe they have a promo album out there, meaning it is free, not sure what is on it, or if it is only the Ganja song you managed to find? Do a google search for Ras Boti promocional cd.
  8. ok ill do a search and post what i find

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