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Rare Half-Giraffe, Half-zebra, Type animal caught on camera.

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by purpleblaze, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. #1 purpleblaze, Sep 12, 2008
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    Man, this is a bizarre looking motherfucker. I personally think they're kindof cute though.


    (story continues on link)

    Not as cute in this picture, but LOOK AT THAT FUCKING TONGUE:eek::

  2. meh

    Call me when they capture this.

  3. lolerskate
  4. wtf? Is hat real?

    Its freaky looking......
  5. This is definitely real, and I don't think they're as mythical and rare as this article makes it sound.

    Very interesting nonetheless, I guess these guys got lucky and survived even when they didn't develop long necks like giraffes.
  6. [​IMG]

    *racks shotgun*
  7. it's a fucking chupacabra
  8. thats an interesting creature right there...
  9. dood those things r sick

    i'd take one in as a pet
  10. Holy shit, they aren't extinct. I've been thinking for years there weren't any left, or maybe they were just cryptids, but they actually found one.
  11. I could really go for an okapi steak right about now.
  12. lmfao
  13. The world population is estimated at 10,000–20,000.

    God that's sad.
  14. Firefighter: Is that a Pig... bear... man?
    Al Gore: No, stupid... It's Manbearpig.
  15. They got these at the san diego wild animal park

    They've got looooong tongues

  16. Are you trying to turn me on, baby? :ey:

  17. When am i not?:metal:

    dunno why i used that smiley, just had too :D

  18. Because it's totally like one of the best GC smilies, but there are seldom opportunities to use it. :(

    I'll take advantage of this moment. :metal::metal::metal: @ Zebraffes and Giraffebras


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