Rapping While your high

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  1. I don't know if any of you have ever tried it, But when your super fucked up have you ever tried rapping? It seems it's a hell of alot easier to freestyle high because your mind is focused on one thing it's pretty fucking awesome. Try it. And If you have tried it REPLY TO THIS THREAD!:hello:
  2. YES!!! lol me and my friends were rapping to the yonkers instrumental we all found out we could rap pretty decent it was weird no one cared just sorta chilled and had fun makin raps up best night ever so blazed we flimed it too :D :smoke:
  3. Yeah when I'm blasted and on my own I can just freestyle for ages, really should record it sometime.
  4. i thought this was about raping while high haha

  5. Dude I had a video of my self haha and I was gonna post that shit, but the audio is windy as hell and i couldn't it suckssss
  6. I had a friend who fucking always had to rap when he was high. It made him so annoying to me lol
  7. thats what me and my friends do sometimes when we get blazed lol. I remember about 2 weeks ago i had gotten some craazzyyy bud from my dealer. It was so good that as soon as i got blazed i just randomly busted out into a freestyle hahahahaha

    I got home and just had to tell my other buddy about it cause we used to fight about who got better bud. I called him up and told him i got so baked i randomly started rapping and he had me describe the bud i had, cause the same thing happend to him.

    I explained everything about the bud and he told me he had the same shit hahahahaha, turns out our dealers get from the same guy. shit was great lol.

    That 'Rapper Weed'
  8. Yeah for no reason, I bust out random freestyles out of nowhere and sometimes they can out really good.
  9. i do it all the time. i just turn on a good beat and freestyle. my flow is so much better when im blazed.
  10. I do usually before sleeping after a long night with friends. Baked out of my mind, I'll be just laying down trying to count some ZZZ's but all I can do is sit there and freestyle without a beat probably until late morning. I go hard though, too hard for the mass public. :p What bothers me is when your buddy says he can freestyle you go at it back and forth for a few minutes. Only to learn that he wrote it a few nights ago. Defeats the purpose you bastard!
  11. I freestyle better when I'm sober
    but I write better when I'm high
  12. Almost every song I record is while im stoned. Im just 100 times better
  13. All the time. I remember when I used to smoke and how I always started my raps with was "You see that (color)?" then my friend says "Yeah" then I respond by rhyming with the color.

    Me: You see that red?
    Friend: Yeah
    Me: It's lookin' kinda dead, and his name is Fred.


    Me: You see that blue?
    Friend: Yeah.
    Me: I don't have a clue.. but it looks like a shoe.

    I sure miss ganja :(((((
  14. I only rap when i'm high bro, it brings my swag out.
  15. I would rap along to some andre or hood mentality-ice cube if i'm rolling or baked:b mainly when i'm rolling hahahaha omfg<3
  16. [quote name='"IrunGC"']I only rap when i'm high bro, it brings my swag out.[/quote]

    I bet it does ;)

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  17. ^john travolta?
  18. yeah it comes out easier. My boy does too. We just pitch in a random ass subject and he starts rappin about it. Its cool.
  19. me and my friend always ride around and rap. i get more creative and have a better flow when im high but sometimes i stumble all over my words and cant get it out right
  20. im better than you.

    all of you

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