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Rapping/Freestyling During Sessions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KushFanDango, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Anyone else do this? I really don't listen to rap, but when me and my friends hang out. Two specific friends really, we just put some instrumentals cds in the car and proceed to smoke and just rap about anything. We just do it for fun, more like a social thing.

    Sometimes I just tear up from laughing so much and it's relaxing. I use to suck but I can actually connect words and stuff and make it fun. Some of the best sessions I ever had were with involved with free styling.
  2. Oh hell yeah. I spit with my boys all the time during seshes. It's funny too because we're just a bunch of white skater guys. We just rap about whatever or sometimes diss eachother a little bit. We know none of us actually mean what we say when we rap battle. Just for fun. It's cool when we're at a party and find some other kids to spit with. I've seen some real good talent.
  3. Yeah its chill to do this with friends...its like a way to talk to each other in a different way...on a more personal level sometimes if the verses get deep...

    We used to freestyle every night we got drunk and blazed for a good two years untill our squad fell apart....:(
  4. Love it. My friends and I are a bunch of white boys, so it's pretty funny. But we actually have some pretty sick rhymes.
  5. at parties sometimes there'll be a mic with instrumental tracks n shit n we just kick back drunk as fuck and spit flows infront of bitches hahahaha
  6. exactly what my friends and I friends do. Iv gotten a lot better since Iv started and I can put some ok lines together
  7. Most of the time. Im good when I'm sober aswell though. Just when I'm high, I get more creative.
  8. I can spit some hot fire and so can my homies (mostly white fools lol). Its fun to rap high because you just give no fucks
  9. Only when im drunk, otherwise i just can't! HOW DO YOU GUYS DO IT! I wanna learn so bad, but i just can't think of words in my head at all..... I mean i can but all of it turns out so shitty, super slow, and like not good :( btw i can do it when i'm high but only in my head not out loud... it's weird

  10. Practice man, just practice with instrumentals. Come up with rhymes and learn root words etc. Say i'm on the bus my head will just think up some words that connect and flow good and then I proceed to put them together. The more you do it the better and faster you will get. I couldn't spit shit when I first started, I would be dumb and say like "cat in the hat!" but now I can actually sound pretty decent.

    It's also cool when you do it and people expect you to make a fool of yourself and than you just spit fire and their face expressions are priceless lmao.
  11. I dont really care about freestyling, but my old friend used to beatbox like every sesh. Pissed me the FUCK off.
  12. Dude, all day errr day
  13. lol i feel you

  14. Why is your studio in the pantry?
  15. Man thats not as easy as it sounds.. like i can do it, but i can't express it in words only in my head...

  16. haha not a pantry, its my friends pool shed
  17. And to top it off the dude always managed to spit on me while beatboxing. Gross. -.-
  18. whats wrong with kids these days.

    i can picture a bunch of white kids throwing there futures away
  19. I don't I think rap is gay as fuck I could never

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