Rapper's brother grew $4 million worth of pot in Missouri City home

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  1. Sheriff: Rapper's brother grew $4 million worth of pot in Missouri City home | khou.com | khou.com Local News

  2. thats a lot of plants for 1 house lol
  3. It was either a very large house or they wieghed dirt and all.
  4. I hate hearing about busts like that what a waste 5,000 lbs at least give it to a dispensary or something idk
  5. How much work do you think it takes to care for 850 plants?
  6. Did the dude think that he would go unnoticed while pulling that much electricity out of the grid? :rolleyes:

    Two explanations for this:

    1: He WANTED to get caught.

    2: He is an idiot.

    I suspect #2.
  7. Either each plant produced almost 6 pounds, or the police have seriously overestimated the street value of pots, dirt, stems, etc... and anything else that isn't trimmed & dried bud. :D

    So many ways to get caught with a setup like that... I'd like to know what it was. Electricity usage, loose lips, house lighting up a 20 mile radius at night, etc...

    Everyone knows you're just asking for trouble if you try growing more than $3.9M worth of weed in your house at a time. :laughing:
  8. yea the dude wasnt thinkin straight. im absolutely positive that it reeked of marijuana (dank or reggie idk) but im sure someone or alot of people were smelling weed constantly. its funny because last night i was skating with a friend and i could smell dank the entire time we were at this one spot and i mentioned it and my friend told me this dude down the street grows (not the rapper dude some random dealer).

    My point is, you can easily smell it and im sure that contributed to their bust.
  9. Hahahahaha, what a dumbass!
    I mean.. I really wonder what was going through that kids head!
  10. Of course they did. They're asshats.
  11. I'm a Gangster!

    or something along those lines.. :laughing:
  12. 1700 plants is about 3400 ounces which is like 212 pounds. Which is half a million dollars if it is very dank stuff. It is pretty pathetic that our government can't even properly do math.
  13. Is that a gigantic carbon filter in this picture?


    It would be really stupid if smell had anything to do with it, since it doesn't look like money was an object when it came to setting up... but who knows.

    I'd like to see how they had the windows covered up, where the exhaust exited, proximity with neighbors, etc...

    Plus, they look like punks... so I wouldn't be surprised if they were bragging about it like idiots. :D
  14. most of the time when you get busted for plants they weigh it all the plant,dirt,bucket,etc
  15. yeah that's a filter for sure.. doubt it was smell because they aren't really flowering yet.

    also, like usual i'd imagine that the $$ estimate is way overblown by the cops.
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    Good gosh, man! They've got to stop all these huge busts so close to me. The price is going to go through the roof on me this winter. The price is already stupid high sometimes simply because of the crappy location, and strict laws around here. At the rate these busts are happening, my guy won't be able to hold steady at the good price I've been paying the past couple of months. :mad:
  17. the cops probbaly took like 5 pounds each
  18. The electricity company will miss him
  19. There's NO way there can be 5,000 lbs of marijuana in any house unless he lived in a airport hangar.
  20. of course they wanted to overestimate it, it's the police job to make everryone have the max penelty so they probz weighed the lights , soil as well.

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