Rappers And Islam

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  1. Been listening to a lot of Vinnie Paz lately, and he calls himself Muslim. I also listen to Brother Ali, and he says the same thing. There are a few other rappers I've heard that claim to be Muslim, and it confuses me. A lot of them (like Vinnie) are really violent and spit about shit that makes me wonder if they are serious about Islam. Sometimes I feel like it's trendy or something. Like they're looking for some way to be controversial or different.
    "I ain't got any time for your foolishness
    raw raps from the same place where the kufi sits"

  2. Why can he not talk about what he wants to talk about and maintain bieng islamic? And yeah, violence is pretty much the most trendy thing you could possibly talk about, other then gettin dome from hoes or whatever stupid bullshit.
    This will be a nice change of pace for you, real shit!!! (Saying "Real shit" is trendy as well however thats not my aim you can just tell between trendy and real pretty easily) 
  3. Being Muslim does not preclude speaking about violence, or committing it. Many rappers rock a cross and spit about sins... same shit, different religion.
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    A great example IMO is when the free masons vilified rick ross, like what a dumb cunt, but my point is that these rappers are trying to associate themselves with something but i wonder who people that are actually involved in it and live that type of life feel, rap is about your environment and if you say your apart of one and this or that happens, people apart of that community, being islam or whatever the case, need to speak up and say "We support this" or "We dont support this, this is not relevant to OUR environment", since they too are apart of said place that said rapper is trying to come from
    Thats one of the most important parts of rap and is pretty much the difference between getting the privilege of calling yourself a rapper and being a hip hop artist (Not to degrade hip hop however hip hop can be about everything and anything where as rap, there is a certain legitimacy attached to the phrase)

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