Rapid rooters & Hot House

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hemphero, May 10, 2010.

  1. Got the raipid rooters in the tray with dome 6 inches away from fluorecent t5 8 bulb fixture, and a hydrofarm heating mat, should I let their be standing water in the tray since i have a pad, before when i cloned i never used heating pad and didnt put water in tray ...
    anyone one see probs with my cloning let me know
  2. I had some friends who used rapid rooters for their cuttings. Didn't use a heat pad and kept water in the tray at all times. Never had any problems. I know because I was the one who tended to them. Also kept them under t5's. Didn't use a dome either.

    Don't know if that answers your question but hope it helps.
  3. If you use a heating pad be sure you have a thermostat or you'll cook them.

    I used to have a real hard time cloning until I quit trying so hard. I dont use anything now except a little aeroponic mister i built for about 10 bucks and now they all make it sooner or later.

    I dont know if tomotos are easier or what, but I broke a branch of one of my tomatos and threw it in a cup of water in the sun and it rooted in a week.

    Now its my best tomato plant. lol go figure.

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