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rapid heartbeat?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by researchscience, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Is there anything u can take to cancel that out without hurting yourself too much? would valium work??
  2. Beta blockers would probably be the easiest to get without a script.

    There's also calcium channel blockers, digitalis, and a number of other anti-arrythmia agents. I can tell you right now though, if you have even a semi-normal EKG and are under 40, you're going to get jerked around and end up on pills that suck until your heart develops a "real" problem.

    Pot helped my SVT when I was smoking regularly. Valium never did anything but get me messed up.
  3. Start smoking pure Indicas???
  4. yeah i agree indica's are best for this

    i would recommend meditation tho so much better than any fucking pill

    try it, seriously changed my life
  5. Hell yes. Meditation FTW especially when you're high. It makes it sooo much better when you're mind is clear and spiritually clean
  6. i think the problem is that you are not pacing yourself when youre inhaling, when taking hits inhale slowly and exhale slowly...wait a while before you take your next couple of tokes..then when you feel stoned let your high ride out while taking deep breaths in and out slowly, then light up when you feel your high is consistent and your body is more relaxed..just pace yourself dude...u need oxygen to live!!
  7. Lol that's meditation.
  8. See a cardiologist just to be on the safe side.
  9. GP is fine. So long as they have a stethescope and an EKG machine. They might get you with an ultrasound too.
  10. I hate it when my heart is off the chain.
    Try smoking somthing softer and mellow.
    my heart only goes nuts when i smoke harsh bud,
    And then i get scared and shit. hoping i didnt get some bad stuff. and i praying dont die. Fucking buzzz kill
  11. That is precisely why I don't smoke anything but pure Indica or Indica dominant strains.

    I always found that herb with too much Sativa in it, gives me a racy, wired high...something I am not fond of at all.

    I would see a Cardiologist to run a EKG to make sure your ticker is OK though.

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