Raped for smoking weed....

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Reefer!, May 29, 2009.

  1. :eek: check this link....pretty fucked up. Another reason weed should be legal.
  2. jesus christ...... this guy deserves every penny of his lawsuit
  3. yet again, more power-hungry cops doing whatever they want because no one can put them in check. I just watched a video on you-tube where some officers beat the shit out of someone who was unconscious. dont touch the cops! you'll get 10 years!
  4. It infuriates me that two of the lawyers for the officers have any comment to say whatsoever, let alone accusing the plaintiff of being motivated purely by financial reasons... He was sodomized with a nightstick by a police officer... WHAT THE FUCK?! All three of them should be thrown in the pen.
  5. damn

    I hope he wins every cent
  6. Just think if that psychopath cop would have had the right to smoke marijuana when he was off duty there is a good chance he would have been a lot less aggressive on duty.

    Not the mention he would have had no reason to even approach this poor guy.
  7. That's just fucked up. He must've been thoroughly subdued. In fact, they're lucky he wasn't carrying a weapon. I would've used it.
  8. this is fucked.
  9. And as if that weren't bad enough, the officers involved were "suspended WITH PAY pending the outcome of the trial and investigation!" Rape a pot smoker with a nightstick and then get paid to be on vacation for it?

    The really bad part is if they ARE sent to prison, they will be transferred to a Protective Custody joint (no pun intended) and the guards there will just pat them on the back, hook 'em up with anything they want and tell them "Good Job."

    "In times of tyranny and moral turpitude, the only place for an honorable man is in prison."
    - Henry David Thoreau
  10. wtf. how the hell are these pigs not getting fired from working in new york again. i say they should go to jail with some real bad guys and see what happens to them then.
  11. I don't know what drives people to do things like that, yet alone officers. And he was just smoking cannabis! Disgusting!
  12. Bored cops I guess. But that's going too far. I mean, police are suppose to be the "role models" and they're suppose to keep the community in peace. And then they go out and do this? God damn, some people are just idiots.
  13. They'll probably get let off with some training course on recommended usage of their nightstick.

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