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  1. 83.5% Argue that "some women just look like they are asking to be raped".....I laughed a bit, but still wrong.
  2. lol classic court excuse, she was asking for it?
  3. Come on! How are 8% of college guys raping people??

    Edit : how often do you attempt a raping? ??
  4. Rape is a fun word to say, rape, goe a head say it a couple times, play with it, have fun, then get a little more aggressive, take of it's clothing, force em down, the proceed to rape the word rape
  5. I'd have to seriously question the methodology used to obtain those statistics. I really can't think of any way they could have surveyed any sample of individuals and gotten honest, reliable answers when it comes to questioning whether they'd ever be willing to rape someone.

    This reminds me of the phrase "there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."
  6. I'd rape a girl if I didn't get caught, YOLO.
  7. I believe it should say: "58% say they would rape if the wording was changed to "surprise sex"
  8. I wish a hot chick would rape me.

  9. yea, exactly.

    I've heard of studies like this before, where the study shows a large percent of men would rape a woman if they could or have raped in the past.

    I think the study had to be completely biased. I'm sure there is a good amount of men who would rape, but not the statistics they are spouting.
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    Your victim only lives once too, but that life is spent traumatised by the experience. You having only one life doesn't give you the right to fuck up someone else's

    Edit: of course if this was a joke then it's in very poor taste and I can be forgiven for taking it seriously.

  12. It's not rape if she likes it.
  13. Most hilarious use of the term "YOLO" ever. I literally lol'd.

    But if you were being serious, that's fucked up man...
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  15. Lol'd @deadknndys

  16. Corrected.
  17. Damn, too high.

    Lol'd at deadkndys post
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    Woah, we have a grammar natzi over here.^
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    A bit fucked up that (again) a portion of the forum thinks it's all good to make light of this kind of thing...next anyone that calls them on it'll get called a rape victim or friend/family member of one just for being normal and pointing out that people shouldn't consider it a point of humour...disappointing...though sadly enough you come to expect it.

    You can "like" physical stimuli without liking the act...your body feels what it feels...though "liking" to me, would involve acceptance of the situation in its entirety, to you it's one and the same - so yeah, borderline rapist rationale there...I hope for your own sake you weren't serious.

    One thing that does shit me, is the last segment in the original post - mainly because it's illogical.
    I'd never say a person was "asking for it", but when you think about it if a potential predator becomes aroused on account of what they're wearing, I would say there is some link between dress and potential sexual assaults...though who knows WHAT turns a rapist on really?
    Sure, they may like the idea of targeting "slutty" looking or scantily clad women as this picture would indicate people might think - though they might also like the power-dressers, they might dig big women who wear cover-all sweats - who knows?
    The mistake is assuming that a rapist/sexual predator would necessarily to conform to "normal" preconceptions and links between sex and certain fashions.

    That said - if a woman dresses in a way that "leaves little to the imagination", more often than not she's inviting a lack of respect from most of the male population for sexualising herself with the way she dresses...lack of any consideration past "I'd fuck that" (which yes, COULD be a potential rapists line of logic, in SOME cases)...though who knows what chicks want...popular theory leads us to believe they're more emotionally driven creatures than males when it comes to sex - but that could all just be a front.

    Really? Natzi?
    Since you'll be calling me one, here - it's spelling nazi

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