Rape on American TV. The effects?

Discussion in 'General' started by Superbeastdj, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. I'm sitting here watching a popular new show on TNT, without a trace? i think it is. A blind girl is currently leading the cops to a cabin in the mountains where a girl with a broken leg is being raped and probably killed.

    The thing is, I've seen this plot before.

    many times in the last few years.

    CSI, without a trace, that prison show? ectera.

    My point is this, when tv shows are depicting the entire process of a maniac rapist catching and using their victim, in great detail, and people, especially young people, are constantly seeing this process, what effects does it have on our minds?
  2. My guess would be, not good ones... Im not sure though... I guess rape is more socially acceptable than marijuana....
  3. It's moslty mindless entertainment...

    but if there is any real subconscious motives in these types of shows. It would be that it is practically impossible to commit crimes in this Country without getting caught. Hence the good guys always win. This serves two purposes. One, to deter any would be criminals away from trying a heinous crime by making them think they will get caught... not so likely. And the much more likely affect, to delude the average law abiding viewer into thinking they live in a safe place because our Law Enforcement is so effective.
  4. funny part is, when the blind girl was describing what happened "Then they started smoking pot and taking pills"
  5. Lol smoking pot would calm me down, and the pills would make me sleepy. So I dont think Id be out doing much raping. How about yourself?
    As for me, the jason mask is hung up on my wall for the night ;)
  6. While I don't think that violence on TV creates violence in real life, rape on TV just makes me sick.
  7. he's a rapist, oh he's got some mental problem. that guys a pothead, wow what a loser. I can actually see that happening
  8. The news goes into great detail about how killers achieve their goals, it is almost an educational show on how to break the law and do your best at getting away with it. Society is completely fucked. Money rules the world and is the sole motivation for almost everything that is done.

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