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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by intheplace, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. Ok well i really like rape and i want to know what are some good rape songd to get blazed to. Im going to try to make a cd mix with alot of good rape song so i need some help to get the best rape songs to get high and listen to. I will appreciate any help.
  2. Rap? rap. I hope you mean rap.

  3. ehhh...everyone has thier thing..... some more odd then others but to each his/her own i guess........ im hoping rap to though....
  4. my bad i did mean rap music, in not some type of sicko. i hope somone can help me out wiht my rap music mix.

  5. sure.... for starters...what styles you into......?

  6. ROTFL! who spells rap wrong 5 times in a row?? LoL

    /me thinks there are definately some subliminal issues at work here.

    *throw a suspicous look in intheplace's direction*
  7. i think there's some subconcious guilt/shame if you say "rape" so often.

    even if it is a typo.
  8. Where all gettin sidetracked with his thread, jus forget about the damn typo, but i was lmao when u keeped on saying Rape i knew u meant Rap though so your forgiven :D

    Here some rap tunes that you'll like when high:

    Rahzel - Four Elements
    Lil Rob - Sureno Thugs
    East Connection - Haters
    Dr Dre - Big Ego's
    DMX, Sean Paul, Mr Vegas - Top Shotter
    Keith Murry - Yeah Yeah You Know It

    need i say more?

  10. Only if ya wanna!:D
  11. anti pop consortium!!!!
    bounty killer (well not exactly rap, ragga, but very much like rap, just without the rapping)
  12. That's a hell of a Fruedian slip man.

    I suggest you listen to Del or Jurassic 5, 'the influence' is a good song of theirs. Aesop Rock is good, Outkast and the Beastie Boys are decent as well.
  13. slug (atmosphere)
    sage francis
    talib kweli
    the roots
    mr. lif

    just to name a few more...
  14. yeah i thought i was a wierdo at frist when i made the same tpo like 5 times in a row. But its just when i type fast i type really wrong, i dont know how to describe it but it just happenes. Anyways i kinda like some old school stuff like 2pac, and i like rumdmc, dre, and sugarhillgang and tuff liek that. THanks for all the help so far..
  15. big - juicey
    big- missin you
    big- just playin
    big - gimmie the loot

    2-pac - california love
    ain't nothin but a gangsta party

    Dr. Dre - the message
    (or any of the chronic 2001 cd)

    black sheep - this or that
    gangstarr - full clip
    gangstarr -ex to the next

    maybe some older de la sol......

    there ya gotta ur self a chill hip hop cd
  16. Woah. First time I've seen a three letter word repeatedly mispelled.

    May want to see a shrink, I think that something from your subconciousness is surfacing.
  17. I HAVE to recomend andre nickatina, he's a SF bay area rapper that has bomb tunes cheak out
    "crack raider razor"
    "ayo fo yayo"
  18. Here are sonme cds that are good
    Cypress Hill : Black sunday
    Ice Cube : The predator
    Red man : Whut? THE ALBUM
    Ludacris : Word of mouf
    N.W.A. : Straight out of compton
    Eminem : slim shady lp marshal mathers lp and the eminem show are good.
    Cypress hill : Live at the fillmore
    these are pretty good rap albums. Most old skool.
    If you like big beats and cruchy bass and guitar rifs check out quarashi and their album Jinks. You got to hear their song the baseline. Vkeck them out at www.quarashi.net. They sound great. A lot like the beastie boys.
  19. Get some of Stomp's shit...they bang on trsh cans and shit and its pretty fucked up....
  20. snoop dogg: any of his albums
    2 pac : any of his albums
    insane clown pose : the great milenko
    ludacris : word of mouf
    Redman : What? the album!
    This goes way back..... RUN DMC : greatest hits
    no a list of rap artists you should hear...
    public enemy ice cube
    2live crew old dirty bastard dr. dre afroman onyx naughty by nature rocket from the crypt dmx limp bizkit ice t And ice t's rock band bodycount house of pain common nas sir mix a lot busta rymes eminem d12 warren g wu tang clan detox. theres a few more for you.

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