Rape Fetish (or "Safe Rape")

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Dr_Octagonapus, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. lol i'm so used to all girls being like "you decide what we do" either out of trust or out of not knowing as much as i do on the subject, so i'm always in charge.

    honestly, i'd like to meet a woman who'd enjoy putting me in my place. i like that shit, but it never happens... =/

    on the subject of safe rape... ive actually had a couple ex's who wanted me to fuck them in their sleep and wake them up to it... i chickened out because it's weird... one who told me to actually pushed me away subconsciously cuz she was still tired rofl...

    anyone had anything like that?
  2. I have brought knives to bed on more than one occasion..though she was expecting it..

    or bind a girl up, lube up the old vibrator and go to town on that ass, while im pumping her up myself..
  3. I've been choking and slapping my girlfriend lately.

    She loves it.

    Go figure.
  4. :eek:

    *a little scared*
  5. [quote name='bubonicplague']Gotta love it :D

    Not Much is Better then undoing the gags, ropes and other restraints from my girl after a nice long fuck

    anyone else care for it?



  6. I do love that but im a sociopath and controls one of my favourite acitivys it makes sex bettter
  7. I seeeee..... nope.

    My opinion matters little, as i'm a virgin at moment.... but i'm not compleatly devoid of experiance, and I can't see how I would like it. rough stuff, sure, rape fantasys, I'm set.
  8. i lol'd
  9. After being un-safe raped i'm not so down

  10. so hot...

    sorry to hear that, it happened to a good friend of mine as well
  11. yeah i was gonna say ..once it goes too far you dont really wanna go there again.
  12. all i can say is..... guilty :eek:
  13. im down for some safe rape, and so unplanned safe rape, after your with someone who truley trusts you role playing can be amazing, and sooo much fun.
  14. Ehhh. The last girlfriend I had was really into that stuff, wanted to be choked, hit, cut, etc. I tried a little bit and immediately didn't like it. I'd rather be gentler and let any sort of roughness come through passion.

    She had major issues, and I tend to associate that with girls who want to be hurt. So in the act it felt like I was guilty of more or less the same thing as pornographers that film women who are obviously screwed up.
  15. I couldn't do that. I'd laugh in a girls face if she told me to rape her. Dumb fuckin bitch if you wanna get raped go walkin down the street at 3am...

    I'm just here to suck on titties and pound pussy. :D
  16. Get rough, sure.

    "safe rape", no thanks.

  17. Yeah cause you actually have a sense of humor & it was obviously recognizable as a joke. But some person who admins this board banned me for making that joke. Here's what they wrote:

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    Raping girls? GTFO. I don't care if that was a joke or not. Several of our bladies have been raped for real, and this shit is not funny.
    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    Funny how considering that they claim to be so sensitive about the topic of rape, they don't mind an entire thread about people actually simulating it for pleasure. But somehow they get mad at my joke. As if I'm making fun of the victims of rape. No, I was actually pointing out that the premise of having rape as a sexual fantasy is ridiculous in a sarcastic way. But to be real about it having this as a fantasy is probably a sign that there's either something wrong with you emotionally or that there is some actual abuse in your past inspiring it that needs to be dealt with. & if the admin. of this forum want to be concerned about something, or feign concern & act self-righteous, they should direct it towards that.
  18. Oh man! My boy friend and I are old pro's at the faux rape scene! I scream no, he bitch slaps me and takes it anyway, after a long, sweaty, sexually frustrating struggle..

    Nothing in the world better than my man holding me down and taking that pussy! Woo! Scream for it, ladies! You know that's how we like it! :hello:
  19. Well yeah, shucks, it stems from my dad. But it still gets me off when my bf does it! :)
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    That sucks though cause it takes that to get you off rather than healthy sex. In my opinion you should try to deal with the shit that happened to you rather than re-acting out a similiar victimization experience all the time. It could possibly make you happier. Also I have to question what kind of guy would be into this. For me desire from the girl is like the hottest thing.

    Not tryin to make you feel bad though, it's not your fault you have these desires it seems to be a common symptom of females that have had that problem from listening to Loveline & stuff. Just sayin you might want to try & change it.
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