Rape By Fraud

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  1. Before you come in here and just "Oh, rape is bad! yadda yadda" actually educate yourself on what this is and if this act should be slapped with the context of rape to begin with. I do not support rape, i think its fucked and all rapists should be in jail or dead.

    Read the article: Rape by fraud? N.J. lawmaker introduces bill to make it a crime

    Ok, so you've read the article. Is this rape? Discuss and please do so respectfully. I understand if you have experienced this and do not want to share, but if you do want to share, please do! Thanks.

  2. Looking at it from another angle, how about a charge of fraudulently obtaining the services of a prostitute?

    That seems like that's all this is about...someone thinking they're gonna cash in by having sex...
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  3. My girlfriend and I discussed this for a bit. Rape is a very strong word and a very specific act. I can't speak for how individuals may feel in these situations, but, imo, perhaps the charge can be called sexual assault through fraud instead.
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  4. As the article stated, the base of the movement is this lady writing this book on how she married this guy and he was all that and a bag of chips and then it turns out he wasn't.. And ok, i get that she was duped but how do you just marry somebody without seeing this amazing shit he does shit first hand? To not investigate whether this person actually has it like that or is a fraud?

    She wants to put HER lack of judgement and caution on society and say "This happened to me, it could happen to anybody!" when in reality, if somebody cannot prove that they have it like that, again, why the fuck would you just up and marry them and then deny that you love any part of them? Like you married the guy, there is a part of him that you love and shes willing to deny this over "Well, he wasn't what he said he was." Guess what, neither was she!!!

    I agree completely with your point of view.
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  5. People lie all the time to have sex with other people. ~
    The argument "I only slept with that person because I thought he was rich" actually says more about you than the person who lied to get you in bed ... Under no circumstances should this land you on a sex offender list and basicly ruin the rest of your life ... If both parties consent to have sex its not rape ... end of story.
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