Rape-aXe: The Anti-Rape Condom

Discussion in 'General' started by GanstaSmoker, May 10, 2010.

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  1. Rape-aXe: The Anti-Rape Condom | Arkitip Intel

  2. fuck walking into a hospital with that shit attached 2 u
  3. Yeah, someone posted this a couple months back, still freaks me the fuck out every time I've seen it.

    Coming from an avid rapist, let me tell you how much it's cut down on my endeavors.

    Just playing?
  4. what the fuck
  5. some have like a blade in them some times...
  6. That. is. brilliant. :smoking:
  7. Sluts in Vietnam put razors up their snatch for the horny GIs.. i think.
  8. I'll stick to my chastity belt thank you very much. [​IMG]
  9. that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we have surprise buttsex.

  10. Haha, thats funny
  11. haha hell yeah that would not feel good for a rapist... but really if i lived in south africa would just carry a gun they actually have to insert their dick into the woman whether or not it actually touches the skin i would still feel like it was rape... idk
  12. fuck that thing, this is like from the 1300s
  13. imagine if a chick gets trashed takes home a guy, and forgets she has it in........ owwwwwwwww fuck no.....

    i mean it could happen when shes sober but that would be plain idotic, atleast i give her the benefit of the doubt lol...
  14. Who doesn't notice a tampon before raping?
  15. + rep for making me laugh :)
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    They stole my idea! Well, my Rape Axe was a little different...


    I can see this invention leading to a lot more anal rape. :confused_2:

  17. I lol'd...
  18. wonder how many rapist its got so far

    can't imagine the reaction when you get caught with that one
  19. Nah, I'm sure the anal-aXe is already in the works.
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