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  1. Is it me or does rap absolutely suck now. I only listen to 90's shit because thats the only real rap around right now. Yea there some underground rappers that are nice, but for the main shit theres nothin. RIP BIG PAC Big L Big Pun ODB! At least GZA is comin out with another album. I get shit from listen to all that from my boys all the time because they are "old" but to me Lil Wayne and autotune and all that bullshit isnt rap. Anyone else feel this way?
  2. So-so, yea the shit most people listen to nowadays is absolutely atrocious. But you gotta remember there's always been bad music. We wouldn't know good music without bad music.

    Some of my favorite MC's

    De la Soul
    Old Eminem shit
    Ghostface killah(all of wu in fact)
    MF doom
    and Big L of course, R.i.P

    I could go on but that's just a few:)
  3. good hip-hop is still out there, you just have to search farther than KISS FM.
  4. In my community, we call the cops on anyone wearing a hoody, baggy jeans, and timberland boots. We don't take kindly to those types round here.
  5. I hope your not tryin to come at me with that statement. I'll make you look stupid

    Novek- im not black nor a wigger so you can take that bullshit somewhere else
  6. k.smith is right. If you want to find good hip hop you just gotta dig for that shit.
  7. Not sure what I did to "come at you."

    But you're making yourself look stupid if you think the entire genre of hip-hop today consists only of Lil Wayne and autotune.

  8. to the OP, GZA pretty much sucks now IMO. liquid swords is one of the best albums ever tho. and yeah a lot of good hip hop is still around

  9. The whole thing with the KISS FM sounded like you were tryin to make me look like a dbag. But if you read the bold I said there is some rap that is nice out there right now. Just the stuff that almost everybody listens to and swears is nice rap aka lil wayne and his young money label is one of the top music that people listen too. BUt ya you gotta dig for good rap nowadays which fuckin sucks.
  10. By that i meant Liquid Swords 2 is comen out which should be nice other than that I agree he isn't nice now, but if he rapped like he used to no one would listen to that cuz its not the style right now.
  11. word.

    I'm stoked for LS2, but I won't get my hopes up for another classic.
  12. I don't see how diggin' for shit would suck. When I find something dope that I'd never heard before it's an awesome feeling; IDK I just like lookin' for shit.
  13. Same here. Especially when 95% of the shit out there is whack, it feels pretty damn good to find a gem or two.
  14. Lol i gotta be more specific when I say shit I guess... Its great findin dope ass songs no doubt about it... but the problem is 95% of the shit out there IS whack right now aka rap fuckin sucks right now. In the 90s 95% of the rap was strait fire which shows how rap now sucks, not all of it, but most of it.

  15. GZA doesn't suck man he still got it "And the Gza the Genius he's just the genius, We form like voltron and the Gza just happens to be the head." Watch out for Liquid Swords II that shit is going to be as good if not better then OB4CL2 just you wait.:smoke:

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