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  1. anyone listen to rap.Juast wanted to see.
  2. Yes I do. Both mainstream and underground.
  3. Hip Hop,

    Blackalicious, Del, J5, Ozomatli, Dose One, Atmosphere, shizzle like that, and the old skool shit, like Tribe called Quest, Fu Schnickens.

    Rap, the mainstream stuff, is just shitty ever since everybody wanted to be a 'G.

  4. I used to all the time. Dmx, twista, nas, jay-z, x-zibit, bone thugs, 3-6 mafia. But i got sick of it, it all kinda sound the same now.
  5. yeah i listen to rap and hip hop. a little off topic but...my favorite rap artists right now would have to be Clipse and N.E.R.D.. in a scene full of jay-z's, eminem, 50 cent and (ugh) fat joe, theyre bringing back the originality in mainstream hip-hop. it's not necessarily what they're saying, it's just how they say it...if you listen to some of their stuff.
  6. i like older stuff like Tupac and Biggie, early Snoop. and new shit, Nas, 50 cent, Eminem and all kinds of other stuff
  7. yup i listen to some mainstream and alot of local shit. I agree that most mainstream shit on the radio is weak nowadays, coporate america got too involved and now instead of the person with the most skillz on the radio its people who look like super models just acting out a role, wearing, talking , and looking exactly how their manager tells them.

    I had over 300 albums at one point but my shit got stolen one day.

  8. thats all the stuff i listen to now! and eminem, dr.dre, snoop dogg, etc... i also like hip hop!
  9. i cant stand any mainstream
    i listen to the roots, blackalicious, j5, del, mr lif, atmosphere, gangstarr, etc etc
    and a lota the older stuff
  10. i don't like hip hop at all really... i like some old old old school and i like meth and red's blackout album.. that's about all i can take though
  11. nope :)

    (eminem is good though, but thats about it)
  12. the only rap i used to like was eminem's first CD. other than that, i dont like rap.
  13. I like DMX... he has a story behind every song and his shit is so deep. Also I listen to Z-Ro, it's all about the 3rd coast baby, check him out ya'll if you haven't already. Old Snoop Dogg and Dre of course. Geto Boys are a great listen. Eminem is whacked and I like. Mike Jones and the swishahouse crew. Bone Thugs i still listen too.
    Can't stand 50 cent, have trouble understanding what he is rappin about. That is all I care for. Oh and don't forget about N.W.A. i know it is old but still love to listen to them and a big up to Pac or Makaveli. I am with most of you.. this new rap sucks, all gets played out. Mostly old school rap for me, i like.

    ~Peace, Protect, and Serve~
  14. yeah, rap is my choice of music. doesnt matter if its mainstream or underground, its all pretty good.

    i do hate the stuff like "oh im a g, check out my rims, i got a fat benz" its like, wow, u can rap about having a car, thats amaizing. so im not anti-mainstream....i just hate the bling shit.

    so i listen to more of dre and snoop (i guess u can call em studio gangstaz...but...they dont rhyme about bling ass cash money sex hoz nigger shit) right now i like hyroglyphics....del has some sick shit...uhhmmm... yeah. also living legends is dope, some others too.

  15. man i forgot to mention some artists that i feel need to be mentioned =P
    mos def and talib kweli, whether as black star or solo, pharcyde, outkast (i like their older albums but they're still really good), tribe, and still many more heh
    o and also dj krush, dj shadow, dj logic, rjd2; even though they're not lyricists they're still definitely hiphop for sure
  16. moved to music hall :)

    the roots! & the pharcyde i dig
  17. anyone here from cali go to audio?
  18. i went to audiotistic last year... i loved the lineup but the crowd had a bad vibe, venue was too hot, no seats (i was standing for like 8 hrs straight), and waaaay too crowded at the hip hop stage. i think i woulda enjoyed it more if i spent more time at the other tents, but i really wanted to see the roots so i spent most of that day at the hip hop stage. but it was so crowded and the crowd itself was so wack that it kinda ruined it. and it was HOT i say again

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