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  1. Where all my rap loving people out there.Those blunt smokinh dawgs....................................Three six mafia hell ya son
  2. hehe sry no rap for me but sum of my friends listen to three six mafia.... just not my thing tho...
  3. you gotta listen to some underground shit
    mainstream is good, but underground is awesome.

    cool thing about underground too is, if you goto a concert (if you even want to call it that), odds are your gonna get to chill with the group...

    i have Slug's autograph :*( im so proud

    three six mafia is pretty damn cool though
  4. I'm into Jurassic 5, got to meet them and get autographs at an in-store. I never tune into the radio anymore once I've started listening to underground artists. Commercial rap like Nelly and P. Diddy is not worth listening to.

    If you want to listen to some real hip-hop check out www.beatbasement.net All you need is WinAmp and your ready to enjoy underground hip-hop and turntablism 24/7 with no commercials.
  5. Three 6 Mafia is on point!
  6. i hate rap, sometimes it's alright. i love classic rock though, like pink floyd, and the grateful dead and bands like that. mostly classic stuff, like that, but I like bob dylan too.Im baked as fuck right now and i can't type.

  7. I like some rap, mainly gangsta, because it is honest in its rage. Well, that is one of many reasons I guess.
  8. Right here homie....i'm rollin up listenin to the one of the best out of Tx : Chamillionaire "The Sound of Revenge".

    Even tho its a tight cd...its no where near the "Mixtape Messiah"
  9. wu-tang wu-tang wu-tang wu-tang wu-tang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    big l rip
  10. heh....I pretty much only listen to any rock(metal, death, some classic, 80's, etc), as well as some emo, and punk......and any underground rap I can get.....but some of the other is pretty good too on occasion......I cant stand 50 or eminem or anybody under that light LOL
  11. the only rap cd i own is the danger doom cd, which is one of my favorite albums, even though i cant stand anyother rap i hear
  12. i only listen to rap

    i hate radio rap, i like underground shit, or anything thats not on the radio.

    i would say a few too many rappers to name.
    36 is aight, thier beats are crazy, the lyrics.... um a diff story.
  13. Hell yeah.

    King Kooopa!
  14. Yeah... the only rap I listen to is MF Doom (and all the other names he goes by) and Wu-Tang Clan.
  15. Im not a big fan of rap...except old school rap about smokin trees. I hate all of this Gangsta shit. Rap should be about chillin with friends and having a good time, not how many times you've been shot or what !*#^& youre gunna pop a cap into.


    I like the occasional blunt/rap combination.
  16. I only listen to underground rap, the cool eccentric unique creative abstract shit like Atmosphere, Eyedea, Aesop Rock, MF Doom and the likes.

    And a lot of old school stuff like Wu-Tang, Cypress Hill, blah blah....

  17. Kottonmouth Kings

    ...Enough said.
  18. i hate kmk and all rap that is played on radio, im like the only one out of my friends that has ever heard of the rap that i listen to but its so much better than the shitty radio stuff, underground is the only good rap, im pretty drunk

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