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  1. Send me a comment and tell me what you think or one of your raps

    I'm sittin here smokin with all your moms,
    listen this songs bout to get blown up like a bomb

    Come mess with me and see the hairs are red and green,
    Is all my shit floatin? or is it just me

    Get done smokin a dub of that Keif, look at the clock it says it's time to eat!

    Life is to precious to waste, so sit on the couch and smoke it away

    Smoke it all day smoke it all night, put your blunts down and get ready to fight

    Smoke your way to the smokin hall of fame, end up with bob marley afroman and the game

    Sorry Jake I just took your line, but put it behind us and please don't whine

    I'll smoke till the day that I die, with the same people that aint no lie

    So whenever you feel all meaning is gone, kick back your feet and light up a bong!
  2. your rhymes are weak
    unoriganal, dont speak,
    sit back and cheef while i
    spit this peace.
    i had your game back in
    the day, 1993,
    cant you see
    im in the limelight, n
    my rhymes is tight,
    fuck you
    i wont fight, ill just shoot
    one time, give ya on rhyme
    and let you go, your fuckin slime

    im not too good, but i tried.
  3. ^copied biggie.
  4. Why because he used the words "1993" and "limelight" ?

    Not really...

    Your sittin' here talkin' bout my moms
    but I be talkin' about your fine girls thongs
    And she is sexy when she smokin that bong
    and she likes my song she even sing along

    And I don't really think your rhymes are whack
    probably cause I'm hittin' your girl from the back

    but rhyme your raps cause you wanna be weezy
    but you ain't thug you got fake ice please G
    I got a timbo in my back holdin' a QP
    and even your moms says she needs me
    but I get pussy when I want and its under four-tee (40)

  5. he took jakes so i took christophers
  6. here is a song i wrote in 7th grade...this is for shits and giggles so dont think im tryin to be a rapper this is when i wanted to be one.

    I’m a take the time to show you how its done properly, if life is a game it must be monopoly cause every time I come around the block I get my salary, got a picture of my life posted up in the gallery. I paralyze the truth your shit it false and fiction, I got my note pad open while your rhymes are ghost written. Aren’t selling my soul no matter how high the stakes put my soul in a song no matter how much it takes. I got the fuckin rap game in the palm of my hand, fuck all your wishes, you listen to all my commands. Ill show you what it’s about and how it’s done and then leave you looking down the barrel of mother fuckin gun.
    Fuck around leave you sucking a glock hallow tips coming out like there cum from a cock. Leave your face in metal and your teeth in wires, got your face plastered on them “im missing flyers”. Strap concrete to your feet and drop you into the ocean, blood all over your body from the heat like sun tan locean. Pull the trigger on the tech, got so much hate my appeal is disrespect, giving me time to reflect and pull a clip like a clutch walk with a limp so damn much you think I need a fuckin crutch. But I don’t need your luck, I don’t sway your rhyme, I got rhymes that are so phat there impossible to weight.
    Teaching hate is at a all time high, take my hand ill walk you threw poverty were many of us die, but it don’t seem to faze but always amaze, that there’s a hole world of this shit and no one can even write a phrase, on the cold days and cold nights, taking matter in our own hands, minds are confused creating destructions plans. It’s the last time you’ll see a rhyme that touches all the bases, cause im one with the home runs and all yall are disgraces.
  7. Battle verse against NYC Spitz.
    If you don't understand some of it at all, or fully, it's no big deal.

    NYC’s a contender? Fuck no, obviously you ain’t my friend - you're just a novice,
    Cuz you CAN’T trash talk... no wonder why all your rhymes end up in the garbage.
    Nothing personal though, but you're average, I’m more.. This faggot get’s gored,
    & all my verse does is prove you can’t - ‘forum, an attack’ w/o hacking this board!
    His self esteem is low, dude’s got no dope shit.. nobody wants to copy this whore,
    Quote his bar’s? I’ll say ‘who’s line is it anyway’? plus you’ll “need the props, to perform”.
    You’re not from NYC, you’re from Canada.. man I gotta ask why son is fronting,
    So I’m ‘making him cry, even if he doesn’t want to’, like the process of onion cutting.
    Half the time you don’t even appear in battles, quit bullshitting or you’ll never score,
    So cleary he’s ‘not gonna show, if it's Dueta night’ - like declining late trips to Ecuador.
    This battle has the most obvious outcome, I’m sick & you really don’t punch best,
    But if you win? well, you ‘GOT LUCKY, this time’, like a girls explanation for drunk sex.
    Leaving your head off your neck? Well I’m rocking it fast, he’s cocking the mac’s?
    No! I’ll keep laughing @ how ‘badger dam stuff is’.. WHILE I’m blocking your path.
    You taking this battle? Bitch it’s a sin.. your trash raps? man, they live in the bin,
    So I’ll ask you to ‘stop jumping to conclusions’.. unless I’m fucking predicted to win.
    You’re just garbage, get floored hoe.. I’m ill, so best believe that the score shows,
    But if we ‘macy something nice’, we’ll have to go threw this losers WHOLE wardrobe!
    Your verse’s are garbage as stated, I feel bad for the voters that have to stand these,
    Because this ‘mascot a glimpse of whats horrible’.. so the outcome WON'T be dandy.
  8. thats right i gotta fine girl cause you know me,
    So ill see your bitch ass in the streets,
    Skeet Skeet on your bitch, Man i've sucked on her tits
    Sorry that was kinda sick but my raps are just stricken you so quick
    so just give up now while you still have time,
    Cause while i gotta sick beat imma spit a sick rhyme
  9. You aint ever seen a tit, still in middle school tryin to pop that zit
    That moaning you hear at night is me playing with your sisters clit
    Wanna see sick?You should see what i did with your chick,
    fucked her in the ass like my dick was a pogostick
    You should give up while you still have time, before i commit a irresponsible crime
    I'm a shooter i'll put a hole in your head like the apple on a mac computer

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