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  1. Just wondering what artists you all listen to

    my favorite is lil wayne...cause he is the best rapper alive. period.
    i have over 4gb of his music...he seriously comes out with a new mixtape every other week and they are all pretty awesome

    just to name a few others that i listen to....dead prez, lil jon (sick beats/bass), dr dre, eazy e, NWA , ludacris, nas, method man, redman, juelz santana (lyrics suck ass, but he has sick bass), pitbull, game, paul wall (nasty bass), and young buck

    oh, if you don't like rap, please don't bitch and moan about how you don't like rap....
  2. husalah, dubee, mac dre, too short, j diggs,Mob figaz . devin the dude, messy marv, andre nickatina, yukmouth, keak da sneak , mistah fab, mac mall , san quin, rydah j klyde
  3. 2 posts and no 2pac? cmon now

    2pac, do or die, weezy, bone thugz, 3 6 mafia and a bunch of underground chicago
  4. yo man u ever cop one of those southern style djs best ones doin mixtapes

    edit: in no order

    got to have dre, em, pac, big, snoop jay nas

    old school outkast, big l, BTNH, busta rhymes, dmx, , children of the corn (COC) if u dont know old school murda ma$e and killa cam, master p NO LIMIT was the shit, tha WU & meth n red, UGK
  5. weezy is good but def not the best and he only has so many mixtapes because djs are on his dick cause hes popular and mix up one song and put 20 old ones on a mixtape and put it out like on the daily its kinda rediculous but he is still good but i also like pac, biggie, jus allah, jedi mind tricks, apathy atmosphere, eminem and more
  6. Lil Boosie, Webbie, T.I., Wayne, Jody Breeze, Pastor Troy, Project Pat, Trick Daddy
  7. Well i listen to alot of hip hop/rap but i like Big L/Acid Reign/necro and ill bill/jedi mind/snoop dogg/dr dre/kurupt/game/ice cube/mack 10/dub c. A buncha shit really.
  8. Guerilla Maab, Screwed Up Click, Bone Thugs N Harmony,South Park Coalition, Three 6 Mafia, UGK, Devin The Dude, Mr. Pookie, i could go on for a while so ill just stop there
  9. This belongs in the music section.


    Mac Dre, Lunasicc, Young Dru, Keak Da Sneak, Ridah J Klyde, Yukmouth, Messy Marv, JOhnny "Fastgun" Ca$h, Mistah F.A.B., Tech n9ne, Mac Mall, Andre Nickatina, Dubee, Killa Tay, J Diggs, Husalah, Bavgate, Diego Redd, Tupac, Snoop Dogg (old stuff), Three 6 Mafia, KOttonmouth Kings, Kingspade
  10. Lil Boosie
    (trill fam)
    Soulja Slim
    Bone thugs
    Lil Wayne
    561 shit
  11. Haystak
    Paul Wall
    my 352 local shit
    Young Buck
    rick ross
    dr dre

    thats bout all I listen to
  12. damn.....theres a music section....:(
  13. I fucking hate these threads because the good majority of the rappers listed are overplayed radio rappers that have little to no talent(SUCH AS LITTLE WAYNE). Listen to some Z-Ro or Pac if you want to hear what real rappers sound like, how the fuck can you even consider young joc paul wall and weezy some of the 'best' rappers.
  14. Apathy
    Celph Titled
    Immortal Technique
    Jedi Mind Tricks
    Tech N9ne
  15. haha i cant believe how many of you "rap fans" didnt even mention 2pac. 2pac, bone thugs, icp, twizted, lil wayne, (hed) pe, the game, 50 cent, snoop dog, black lotus, lil whyte....
  16. I cant believe any "rap fans" can listen to ICP

  17. some weird choices here... didnt think the radio rappers were that big amongst real rap fans... either way, my personal favorites:

    a tribe called quest
    jeru the damaja
    dr dre
    the roots
    afrika bambaataa

  18. you really can't judge shit, cuz you like 50. edit: although i'm a hypocrite cuz that track Realest *****s with Biggie and 50 is hot, and 50 comes pretty hard. but you still get no props cuz you said ICP :laughing:

    THE WU (bring da ruckus, bitches)
    the roots
    qwel (white guy from chicago, ill battle raps)
    lupe fiasco
    anything with a dope beat/bass (so as much as i dislike it when i'm sober, i can blow back with lil'jon, weezy, etc etc)
    MF DOOM (probably my favorite hiphop artist right now)
    pete rock
    slum village
    etc etc
  19. or that punk snitch 50 cent...

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