Rap sucks...

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by illcid, May 30, 2003.


What do you listen to when your high?

  1. techno

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  2. rap

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  3. alternative/rock/punk

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  4. clasical

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  5. jazz/easy-listening

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  6. country

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  1. Well, in my opinion I think rap sucks BALLS! I also think to rap has no talent at all. Not compared to someone that can jam on the guitar and sing all at the same time, beautifully with people actually playing instruments with hermonic lyrics, not raping about how phat you are....god...I hate that shit

    Rap is trendy music, thats all it is, your friends start to listen to it so you start listening to it, everyone listens to the same rapper as well.


    The real music that changed lives and the whole music in general.

    In the 1960's, was all about weed and the greatest music ever written and performed. Now, let me ask you this, was rap during those times? no sorry.

    I thinks there is a lot of people that can agree with me on al this.
  2. well..... i like a little old skool rap, techno is tight, and i mostly listen to cold.... linkin park is ok too, and korn, ICP, pink floyd, marley........ mostly them....
  3. "Rap is trendy music, thats all it is, your friends start to listen to it so you start listening to it, everyone listens to the same rapper as well.

    thats cuz u are only exposed to the mainstream. its like if i took all of the rock bands on the radio/tv and said.... rock is just commercialized, mass produced pop aimed at suburban white kids. it takes no talent, no creativity, and the "music" they make is not even a product of their own minds. looking purely at what is "popular" and what sells records, it would be hard to disagree with most of that statement. u could find many exceptions, but for the majority that statement is still true. you have only seen one (ugly) side of hiphop and that's all ur opinion is based on.

    all genres of music have great artists. not all of the music made in the 60's can be considered art or even great music. but there were great musicians then, just as there are great musicians now in any genre of music. so you cant just look at one aspect of a genre, or an era and say "this is or is not music"

    and to definitively say that the 60's produced the greatest music ever written and performed is kinda funny.
  4. Ok, maybe I was thinking a little too opionated, I agree with what you said, I should have added a couple of words to some of my sentences, like "SOME of the greatest..." If you look at the talent side of music, most smart people will look at what is being played and sung in any kind of music. Most instruments takes years, and years, and years, of practice. Vocals are another thing to look at, while rap has guys coming from no experience at all, sitting down on a stool, and reading in fast sentences off a sheet of paper with lyics, while having prefab music playing in the backgroud. Hmmm, sounds kind of tough. In a lyrical sense, some rap does impress me, while MOST is what you explained that some rock can be as well.

    I will agree that all of mainstream music is nothing but a puppet show if you ask me. The true test is to look inside all your CD's at home and find one band that writes their own. You might not find a lot. Its really dumb to play and sing songs, with rich, detailed lyrics explaining somthing that never happened in their life. hmmm, sounds deep, but true.

    I will always thinks all trendy "shit" can really go through one ear and out the other, since it has no sugnificance to me. Like I always tell my friends. "Be a LEADER not a FOLLOWER"

    For all those young kids, that dont know what I mean, Dont try to custom a civic cause everyone in the US of A has one. If I see one more civic, I swear ill slash the tires. Or Prelude, or integra, or anyother rice burning, slow piece of shit. Wow, I should have put this on a different forum.

    sorry, I need to smoke some thai before bed, im getting heated about this. later.
  5. I myself am nto a fan of rap, but I must say, I don't mind what people listen to. I listen to what I enjoy, and let other people listewn to what they enjoy, and I respect that. Sure, a lot of it I think sucks, but if someone likes to listen to it... each to his own...
  6. well i like al kinds of music personly i only liten to rap everynow and then but i dont think rap sucks theres all kinds of talent out there.

    i have a friend who is right into the freestyleing shit when he comes over i play guitar and he spits his shit cant say im hearing what hes saying kuz im so zoned into the guitar but when he plays his rap music it doesent bother me at all

    but yeah anyway i dont even know why im hear right now its 5;00am in the moring and i have to be in for work at 7am so um going to listen to little wing by hendrix and go to bed night all u stoned crazy blades
  7. and the same thread is on again. I don't understand why peole stick to the 60s all the time, yes there are some good records but mostly that music is very boring and there aren't that many differences amongst the bands. well if you like it like that and want to listen to that music then ok, but I personally prefer more futuristic view on music, no I'm not talking about just techno but in every area of music there are lot's of bands that do things differently and love to expand the way we understand music. I hate it when people come and say some stuff like "listen to this, this is so great and deep maaan" and then they put on velvet undergroung or pink floyd, yes maybe it was great when it came out and I do like to listen to some of that stuff but mostly all I can hear is just an rock band playing rock song and that isn't that deep.
  8. real rap is poetry

    and I just want to mention that I have to look online and in shops for weeks to find some of the rap I listen to, if I listened to rap because it was popular why would I do that?

    one more thing; even if I did like rap because it's 'trendy' that's still not as shallow as going on marijuana forums to tell people that the music they love is trendy crap

    fuckin poser
  9. commercial rap for the most part sucks so much. and hey, i'm a rocker/goth type person if you want to sterotype me, but i love some non-commercial rap.

    Krazi Hare, you should look for an english rapper called Roots Manuva. well good.

    Illicid... fair play if you don't like rap. But don't be so bold as to tell people they're wrong for listening to it.

    maybe if you check out some of these guys you'll think differently.

    soul williams
    prince paul
    roots manuva
    aesop rock
    kool keith
  10. wtf.. jazz is lumped in with easy listening!!!?!?!?!??!


    u need to hear some good jazz ilicit.

    some rap can be good, but u gotta get into the right frame of mind for it. as with nearly all things though... about 90% of it is crap.

    i listen to primarily,
    Prog rock and quality/classic rock
    Techno - ambient and psychadelic. from trance to Drum & Bass. experimental to bizarre. NO HOUSE THOUGH... its quite uncreative and designed entirely for people mashed outta their brains.
  11. damn, I just notied that, shit im sorry, I agree... give me a break, I was riped when I wrote this thread.

    I love jazz, im the one that voted it in :)

    Im sorry for that.
  12. Yeah man you should be sorry....And what the fuck is up with your little childish narrow mind.

    See I could say your an ugly faggot and all ugly faggots suck but im not that low am I?[JUST AS WELL, CAUSE l WOULD HAVE DELETED IT. no personal attacks allowed.critter :D] Its just like you saying I dont listen to rap so rap sucks....thats bullshit

    Some rap is poetry, not some of the newer music rapping about Guns and Pussy but I guess thats music as well huh? Even if I dont listen to it.

    I listen to whatever sounds good, and a lot of rap sounds good

  13. someone needs to smoke a bong and beat one of to release some of that anger. lol
  14. yeah man, come on, you guys are really angry people. I was just stating my opinion on a msuic genre and damn, you guys are really need to love not hate. If you disagree, all you do is say it, dont act like im a faggot or somthing. Jesus.

    Lets have some Peace
  15. anyway I dont think anything sucks. nothing sucks to me..(ok a lil white lie...) except that chef at my ex-job (TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT!!!!) she sucks, but she probably doesnt think so....illcid, you seem like you are surprised by the responses you got..lol, dont be buddy..you just pulled a 180 through this thread and thats the only thing that surprises me.
  16. Whew... I see the beginnings of a flame war.

    *dons fire-protective suit*

    Most popular music sucks. I, honestly, don't like most rap myself, but there is some that I can actually enjoy.

    I listen to all kinds of music and I've noticed that since I started smoking I appreciate music in general a whole lot more. I did notice a lack of "Classic Rock" in your poll, that's why I didn't vote.

    Let me remind ubik that Pink Floyd pioneered many many things that were copied and used by other groups and still influence music today. Lest I mention that "The Dark Side of the Moon" remained on the bilboard album charts for a record-breaking 700 (yes, seven hundred) weeks.

    I'll warn everyone against listening to any one kind of music too much. It's important to have variety in music, as in life. Expand your mind and listen to something other then what you normally listen to. I listen to almost any kind of music: Classic Rock, Rap, Blues, Jazz, Polka, New Rock, Alternative, Techno, Accoustic, Celtic, Irish Punk, Folk, Heavy Metal, Disco, 80's Techno, 80's Rock, Weird Al (he's a category of his own), Big Band, Swing, Ska, Marches, Classical, Psychadelic Rock, Easy Listening, Lite Rock, Country, Love Songs, Ballads, even some Pop. I listen to it all. Each category has some songs that suck and some that are good. Expand your horizions and mix up your music selection a bit.

    Music and Pot are like two people in true love: they're just perfect together.
    *insert theme from "The Princess Bride" here*

    (If you havn't seen "The Princess Bride" go rent it now... if you have a significant other, watch it with them.)
  17. well said pot geek,

    *hides behind potgeek in his flame retardant getup*

  18. ooo nice... then you do know that Dream Theater is the best prog band ever right?

    so what prog bands do you like.. Kansas, Rush, Yes,.. ect.. ?
  19. yes i know that Pink Floyd pioneered a lot of stuff (alternative mixing techniques, dark side of the mood was designed to be listened trough an "surround" sound system wich was presented at the time don't remember the name of the system but the remastered version of the record is desin´gned for surround sound system). i'm not dissing them but I just don't find it very interesting that's it. it was ground breaking when all those bands came out but it surely isn't "the greatest music ever created" maybe it's for some bt to me it's realtively booooring.

    Illcid: if you start an thread wich is based around the opinion that something sucks and everybody just listens to it because it's trendy you should expect a lot of angry messages + we're not angry people but this thread makes me angry because it's so utterly stupid and based on lack of objectivity....

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