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Rap songs about weed

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Mstrbakeo, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. Yo,
    Theres nothin I love more than rollin a nice fatty to a song about weed. What are some good rap songs about weed? Actually any songs for that matter.
  2. Blueberry Yum Yum by Ludacris.
  3. thousands...

    get some three 6 mafia... bumps hard on a system and half their songs involve smoking :smoke:

    edit: here's some tracks off the top of my head...

    stay high
    bin laden
    where's the bud
    lil wyte's - smokin song

    can't think of anymore right now...
  4. Bone Thugs

    enough Said.. ;)
  5. Kottonmouth Kings
  6. 50 cent - high all the time
    dr. dre - lets get high
    swollen members - northern lights
    snoop dogg - gin and juice
    cypress hill - i wanna get high
    lil' jon and the east side boys - the weedman
  7. Lloyd Banks- Can I get high?

    ^^my favorite to listen to when im gettin stoned.
  8. I love songs with weed in them, I listen to 50 cent, Lloyd banks has a bunch, and ofcourse Kottonmouth kings
  9. I'm not really sure what the artists name is but the songs called: "Hits from the Bong"
    I also like the new one from Kottonmouth Kings: "Peace of Mind"
  10. Hits from the bong is cypress hill
  11. Anything off Dr. Dre's The Chronic or Snoop Dogg Doggy Style. Lots of weed in there.
  12. Cypress Hill, Kottonmouth Kings. Both very good background music for kickin' back and smoking, or you can bump 'em while you roll around town with a blunt in your mouth.
  13. Camron - killa cam
  14. kottonmouth kings- rest of my life..must listen too

    i heard another good one awhile ago someone should download it if they have the source...the songs called "marijuanaville" coppying that one hicks version of "margaritaville" but its about pot..its great

    another trippy song is "marijuana user" by mushroomhead

    there are also some good cheech and chong songs
  15. Down 2 Tha Last Roach-Eazy E
    Smoke 2 Joints-Sublime or Bob Marley
    Tha Bombbud-DJ Quik

    I wanna get high }
    Dr.Greenthumb }
    Hits from the bong } Cypress Hill
    Roll it up,light it up,smoke it up }
  16. Dude, I LOVE "Marijuanaville!!" I have that song!!! I downloaded it when I saw the title and have been rockin' to it ever since, but I don't know who the artist is, do you?!
  17. Kottonmouth kings-all there songs are good
    Lil wyte- has songs bout everythin my fav is acid
    Afroman-colt 45 is a good listen
    Then any snoop song is good.
  18. the artist for marijuanaville is tenacious d i believe
  19. I think we're forgetting some of the major contributors to the marijuana media mogal, say like:

    1. Slightly Stoopid
    2. Busta Rhymes
    3. RBL Posse
    4. Redman and Method Man
    5. Pharcyde
    6. Phish
    7. Ben Harper
    8. Coolio
    9. Rick James
    10. Khmer Kid
    11. Jimmy Hendrix
    12. Weezer
    ...to name a few
  20. i only like rap songs if they are about weed.

    and if you are into metal:rolleyes: you should check out these guys:

    fuck, that is too big. i tried to re-size it, so as to not rape grasscity, but i guess it didnt work. sorry :(

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