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Rap Poetry

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by fumagakure, Jan 9, 2013.

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    Post any rap expressing how you feel,Poetically as you can be express yourself (No battles,Please don't steal lyrics,Positive but honest Feedback welcomed)

    Listen girl I got the words if your willing to hear it,
    Are you ok with dedication or happy in marriage,
    Do you like to be showered with gifts or does your heart lie with a baby in carriage,
    Maybe one for solitude or want the world to see,
    be able to share it,
    Now if I loved you would I be able to inherit,
    The same in return with the grace n all of the merits,
    I see clearly now,
    drifting away from all of the phantoms n spirits,
    Now if I loved you would you allow me to hold your hand,
    Empower me to let go of this bottle as I walk out of this drippin' sand,
    Right out of this hourglass back into time,
    Would you allow me to fix the wrong n make you mine,
    Relapse to a different state of mind,
    Now watch how greed n love intertwine,
    I'm sorry my queen I succumb to which I bleed,
    Get lost in this smoke that forever lead,
    to exotic lands,
    to relieve the weight of the world that lie in my hands,
    Now would you eventually?,
    Allow me to grant you your every need,
    Love you more deep than the 7 seas,
    Rekindle the passion of this wildfire through a steady breeze,
    Steadily create an epidemic that can bring back life to the deceased,
    All I'm asking is please-KDeaux

    "When all is lost;Is when we're found"
  2. Pretty deep man.
  3. Thanks man I try to be

    "When all is lost;Is when we're found"
  4. Welp my second contribution :)
    This ones called " War"

    There's a war going on,
    Er'body ready,steady throwing bombs,
    Steady loadin' arms,
    Falling heavy like a storm till it calms,
    Murderous vibe to these words in this song,
    Swinging with my right till I learn to fight my wrongs,
    Fingers burn when I turn to ignite my bong,
    Courage spawn when I walk outside this fog,
    Don't croak, turned these haters into frogs,
    Now check this poetry,
    Hittin' higher than I aspire so you know its me,
    Can you feel the flowing breeze,
    Raindrops falling from this cloud 9 holdin' me,
    Hallucinating conversations from fallen g's,
    Screamin lord hold me please,
    Trippin over these pollen coated leaves,
    Till I tear the heart stitched upon my sleeves,
    Sweatin' from my pores this is war,
    The type that start to crack the core,
    Type that make me wish I had done more to restore-KDeaux

    "When all is lost;Is when we're found"
  5. Damn I like it keep it up! Inspired me to bust out my notepad!!
  6. I know you said don't battle but I don't listen
    I now you said don't spit mad, don't know why I'm dissing
    I am not going to battle you I am just kidding
    Just keep doing your thang and keep up on spitting

    Alright later keep it up man it's good.
  7. Thanks homie,I'm glad I can do that for ya ,always stay writin'!

    "When all is lost;Is when we're found"
  8. Aha thanks man,no doubt I will :p

    "When all is lost;Is when we're found"
  9. Haven't put one up in a lil so here's this rough draft of a future possible verse I might record :p

    "Cult Murder"
    This be that all seeing eye above that pyramid,
    Not illuminati buhh to illuminate what y'all fearing is,
    Wack,my faith in god never crack,
    My lyric the type of shit to de-arch a *****s back,
    I can crumble up this rap n sell it as a sack,
    Known to hold my own and play my part,
    I drown these haters when I rain threes,you can blame the arch,
    Word to Noah, this hustle game will never slow up,
    Watch me get my riches,
    Feeling switches when I burn my bridges,
    Skeletons pack my closet cuz my barrel never misses,
    That's juss in reference to the homicide on your career,
    Best believe,see the shinin' light while you made of glass,
    I destroy this human chandelier,
    Shawty take your talents south beach(bitch) Fuck a cavalier,
    Word on that burning jersey my time is near,
    I hit em with that Miami heat underneath the seat real discrete,
    Buhh I'm from the zone,arizona be my home

    "When all is lost;Is when we're found"
  10. Eons pass in a wink of an eye, Time is irrelevant
    for those who stand blind, but is all there for those
    who wine up wanting to rewind ideas that already
    entertained their mind. Its sublime to see past the veil of time
    feel the complexity of the universe in the now being aligned with
    the creases of your spine shift a paradigm
    so fine i wont even ask you why. Black, white the sun
    aint the only thing that radiates light, atleast thats what
    i pick up from the brightness of your eyes, from the outerside
    of your disguise, i receive a myriad of signals but they all are partialized
  11. I like it :p nice contribution man

    "When all is lost;Is when we're found"
  12. search post your verse. useless thread. use search button.

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