Rap music video that I directed

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  1. Hey everybody, my name is Andrew Jeschke and I am an aspiring director. I just released a music video for the rapper, Michael Myerz. He is a white, Jewish kid from Valdosta, Georgia and has a different kind of flow that I think you may enjoy. I'm just trying to spread the word about the music video and would appreciate it if you did the same. You can find it on my Youtube account. youtube.com/andrewjeschke
    Thank you
  2. haha what the fuck is that dude wearing. tight ass purple skinny jeans with a small ass turquoise sweater...tell your homie quit while he's ahead.
  3. sorry, it made me feel uncomfortable
  4. I stopped when he said he's a street rat
  5. This is good shit. Beat is good. BUT, he does look like the white fresh prince of bellar, lol. I mean, he should keep doin' him. But, the candy colors are an eye-sore lol
  6. What? What was that? I have never seen anything that terrible.
  7. I just watched it again. Fuck. What the fuck is he wearing. The good news is that he is the problem, not you
  8. this guy reminds me of anders from workaholics. but the dude writes good lyrics i just don't see him as a rapper.
  9. Shouldn't he be singing pop or some shit...?

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