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  1. When i smoke i love to listion to tupac shakur,biggie and d12 it makes me think of all types of wierd shit. when i listion to pac i think of life and everything its sick as hell. LISTION TO PAC WHILE SMOKING ITS GREAT....
  2. bone thugs and wu tang are good too....
  3. try some aesop rock.

  4. you gotta love the Bone Thugs when chillen and puffin its so relaxing
  5. cheack it bone thugs and tupac colab thats as good as it gets lol
  6. you canot mention great rap witout Big L.

    if you want something fresh download anything by JR Writer, i think hes the best out now.

    Lloyd Banks is sick too.

    Jae Millz "24 hours to live"

    DL Immortal Technique - Dance with the devil
  8. 4th branch is the best immortal technique tune in my opinion.

    aesop rock
    company flow
    mr lif
    roots manuva
    jedi mind tricks
    od nosdam
    dose one

    there's way more. i personally hate the commercial hip-hop scene, but if you can be bothered to look around then you'll find some amazing underground shit
  9. WOW, that was a really tight song... know any more good ones from immortal technique
  10. more immortal technique tunes are Industrial Revolution, Creation + Destruction, Internally Bleeding, Leaving the Past, No Mercy, Obnoxious, The Illest, The Prophecy.

    he's got 2 albums, but i aint heard them all.

    If you like 4th Branch, then you HAVE TO get "Nature of the Threat" by Rass Kas. it's about 7 minutes long, and so in depth about the history of racism since ancient times up until now.
  11. bone thugs is so soothing to chill out to and blaze a fatty
  12. Non-phixion is ill...some great songs

    If u got love
    Caught between worlds

    they got that deep shit
  13. Blackilicous
    Zion I

    These are 2 great undergroud rap groups, i love to listen to them and blaze espicaily Zion I they have really good beats. If you want a good song to download: Zion I - Cheeba Cheeba
  14. On the topic of toker rap, listen to a band called The 2 Skinney J's. They have the most intelligent rap I have ever seen. I dont claim to know alot about rap but this group is definatly worth checking out.

    2 Skinny J's- Riot Nerd, is a great song
  15. I like listening to Lil Whyte, gets me hyped up. Fun :D
  16. yo the best rap to listen to when your high is snoop dogg his songs like nuthin but a g thang and it blows my mind featuring the neptunes is hot as hell

  17. Awesome suggestion.

    I also recommend Talib Kweli. I would suggest other groups, but the lists that have already been posted include a damn good selection of underground (read: good) hip-hop.
  18. Maaan, you guys forgot the metal faced villian, MF DOOM!
    You should know better, but if you dont, try this song he does under one of his aliases for starters:

    king geedorah - fazers

    Oh shit, that should get you rollin

    also check out some madlib, quasimoto, count bass-d, zion i, people under the stairs, tribe called quest, aceyalone, abstract rude, illogic, all natural, and of course the living legends crew, specifically eligh & grouch.

    Now yall need to go download that shit, thats real hip hop

    if you want more, tune into sandboxautomatic.com and root around in there

    other than that, peace
  19. any kind of chopped and screwed rap. try finding some on Kazaa or whatever. the music is all slowed down and a beat gets repeated while skipping over another part of the verse. it's fucking insane sounding shit

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