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  1. Anyone got any suggestions for a good rap mix thats good to ride to, lotta bass shit like that.
  2. three 6 mafia- late nite tip
    three 6 mafia - tear da club up (original version)
    lil jon and eastside boyz - throw it up
    kurupt feat daz dillinger - my system (a lot of bass)
  3. exactly what im lookin for, keep em commin.
  4. Nappy Roots - Dime Quarter Nickel Penny
    Outkast - Rosa Parks
    G Unit - Poppin them thangs and stunt 101
    lol i make rap mixes all the time... im more into sublime and stuff though
  5. dead prez - hip hop
    2pac - cant c me
    dogg pound - coastin
    Three 6 Mafia - Gotcha Shakin'
    snoop - 21 jump street
  6. anyone got anymore? cause all of the songs mentioned above were good.
  7. lil Jon- Quick to back down
    2pac- the realest killaz
    Snoop Dogg- Buck em
    Juelz Santana- Santanas town
  8. Pretty much all Three 6 mafia...they are the shit.
  9. 2pac - hit em up
    warren g - regulators
    Bone & Pac - ak47
    Bone & biggie - Lets ride
  10. Kurupt, Snoop, Nate - AInt no fun
    Tech n9ne - get blowed, be warned, this ring, mitch bade
    Immortal Technique - Dance with the devil
    D12 - Blow my buzz, American Psycho, These Drugs,
    Lil wyte - my smokin song
    Bone thugs - Buddah Lovers, Smokin buddah
    Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M, Gravel Pit
    Bizzy Bone - Fried Day
    Snoop n Dre - Gin n juice, Nuttin but a G Thang
    Nas - Smokin, Undying Love
    Mystikal - I smell smoke
    Brotha Lynch - Season of da siccness, siccmade, get bacc time
    Biggie - Dead Wrong, Juicy
    Tupac - Smoke weed all day,Imma die a hustler
    Twista - smokin weed,Blaze it up, get it wet,Suicide,Unsolved mysterys, Overdose
    Three Six Mafia - Sippin on syrup, late night tip,ridin spinners
    Outkast - Throw your hands in the air, sothernplayeristic, hooty hoo
    Warren G - Regulators
    Eminem - Kill you , who knew (Basically the whole marshal mathers LP)
    Dr Dr - Smoke weed everyday
    Afroman - colt 45

    i have lots more

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