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rap group name suggestions?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by HazyBeats, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. my and my homie wanna start up a rap group, and truth is, we are this upcoming friday... but we dont have a name. we both puff alotta tree, but dont wanna publicize that too damn much... i thought "bloodshot or bust" would b a sick name but the homie says too much publicizin thatll only lead to criticizin. any other suggestions that arent too "tree-related"?
  2. what about hazy beats? i came up with that one myself. clever arent i.
  3. I love the first sentence, we are starting a rap group. This friday actually. Why does it even have to be bud related, all the groups that make their names a gimic usually turn out to be a gimic.
  4. how about 'blazed side'
  5. What about Double Post? Since there are two guys.
  6. The Lone Rangers.

    Side note:

  7. How about Tree-Related. Haha sounds like a hippie group.
  8. Honestly, I am reading these names, imagining myself in a music store looking at CD's. Would I really purchase a CD with the fucking name "bloodshot or bust" or "blazed side"? I haven't purchased a CD in years but you get my point. Or imagine your group being played on the radio for the first time, are people gonna take you seriously with those names? If you want to be successful you need to be marketable. Blantant drug refrences in the name could kill that.
  9. How about Rainy Daze man? I'm baked and that sounds awesome, but that might not be a good thing after reading the post above me.
  10. Here's a suggestion; grow some fucking balls. You won't make it far in hiphop if you're afraid of criticism.
  11. Dude nobody can actually make a name for your group. That is the point of making your own group, being original. Nobody knows you better than yourself.
  12. i actually kinda like Hazy Beats

  13. Bad idea on the blood names. All of the following are taken:


    And many more of those type of names are taken by big groups.

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