rap beat i just finished making

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    [ame="http://www.zshare.net/audio/713099663506be3f/"]http://www.zshare.net/audio/713099663506be3f[/ame] :wave:

    constructive criticism welcome
  2. no one is about to download that... u better off streaming the beat
  3. yea I tried but grasscity automatically converts all zshare links into downloads..

    its gay but i can't find a way around it. Zshare has a nice streaming audio player but i cant get grass city to let me post it

    EDIT: Try this...you have to erase the * in it though

  4. That beat is raw man.
    What program you using to make all that?
  5. That's fucking legit. It has a crazy spacey feeling to it.
    Wanna hear my free style to it?
  6. Man that is a fucking sick beat, what software did you use to make this?? :smoking:
  7. thanks, I used Acid Pro and Steinberg Hypersonic and East West Orchestra

    of course bro
  8. the beat is dope I fucks with it..
  9. That's fucking sick dude. Love it, its got a dark trance like feel to it. Awesome. I tried to freestyle ot it, but i'm not much of a rapper lol.
  10. That beat is pretty good, not gonna lie.

  11. Dude sick Sig.I live in Minnesota to.
  12. Let me upload my lyrics to it,,
    and to the guy above me thanks. I made it with Photoshop.
    Mn all day
  13. it's fuckin tight bro good work!!! keep at it... :hello:

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