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    LEEEEEETS GO. We bringin this shit back for the 5th go around. Its been a long ass time since the last tourney we had.. Shit was pretty successful and we had a sick final battle with UpFromTheSkies taking the championship.. The 'Rap Battle Anyone?' thread has been poppin lately with a lot of new guys so no better time to have a tourney and try to revive that competitive type shit we've had in tourneys before.. We need 16 battlers to get the tourney going so sign-up below.. If we get more than 16 I'll hold a prelim round to get the roster down to 16 battlers.
    Champion of this tourney wins
    1. 10$ (American) from Apex Word.
    2. Artwork customized for an album/single from psychoperson25.
    3. Signature/Avatar customized artwork from Glock Coma.
    4. A beat w/ exclusive rights
    A feature on his 2014 beat tape from SagaciouSlug.
    Current Champ
    Up From The Skies
    Sign-Up List
    1. Glock Coma
    2. ReadThis
    3. Acidphere
    4. Apex Word
    5. NickaWittaBic
    6. BrickShitHouse
    7. jaydui
    8. XCITED
    9. ItsReneeYo_
    10. fearjar
    11. SagaciouSlug
    12. Leothegr8
    13. psychoperson25
    14. bubba ho-tep
    15. Finger My Urethra
    16. Bumbaross
  2. Sign me up
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    I'm in. Last one was good but i dont think we even reached 16 people did we? 
    and i remember that one didn't even get finished, it just kind of ended. Unless 
    i missed one and am thinking of a different one. I'm ready to do this again though! 
    I agree with the voting though i think we need judges or something, 
    last time we had a lot of dick riders and lost votes in the wrong thread
    and it was just a disaster. Obviously some people are liked more and going
    to get a vote no matter how good the other persons verse is. Lots of friends and 
    pacts going on. 
    edit: apparently i wasn't in the last, last one.
  4. sign me up, most these bitches be british, dick ridin blimy fucks, i spit so smooth cause the slimy guts is where i be stuck.
  5. Sign me up, so I have more of a reason to write some.
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    @Up From The Skies
    @i GOT FiRE
    What up tho?
  7. Sign me up!

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  8. Sign me up.
  9. Prelims would be dope as fuck
  10. I'm down, but I can't understand why flips arnt allowed?

    It takes brain power to flip lines.

    We should have a rule where all MCs cannot use gun bars/murder talk. That shits too generic and played out. Borrring.

    Also how can you judge flow when its strictly text? You can't judge a persons flow just by reading..

    And instead of letting MCs decide the length of their verses why don't we set a specific amount, if an MC fails to meet this amount then he/she is disqualified for lack of skill (the ideal would be 8 bars).

    There are a lot of flaws with this thing, and another thing, most importantly: No prize.

    How you gonna call it a competition without a prize?

    No prize = less motivation = boring battles

    Definitely no bitchin though, haha.

    ~1996 Jiggawattz~
  11. No prize or judges?
  12. Our last tourney (the 4th one) was a 2 verse 7-10 line battle so we had flips, and it was a good tourney, but this has always been the preferred format since the beginning. Who drops the better battle verse in 16 line wins.. simple.
    For the flow thing, its more how easy your verse can be read. If I can read through your whole verse, get every punch and shit without stopping, you have good flow. If I'm going back to reread a line because it doesnt make sense, or you dragged that shit out, Thats shitty flow.
    Theres never been prizes before and we've had successful tournaments with this shit. Its all for fun, see who can drop good verses and have the better punches.. And no offense to anyone but I could probably predict the final 4 after everyone signs up. A few of the battlers here would have a real easy road to semis or finals if there was a prize. If theres some GOOD battles this time around and we actually have competitive battlers I'll think about making a money prize for the next tourney.
    You in or not?
  13. whatever , im in. lol
  14. I can't do it. So y'all is safe
    Just typical biased media where FOX don't got no place
    If I can't say Fair and Balanced at least ten times in my rhyme
    then how the hell can I win, with out my trademark line
    And all of my shit is rhetoric, you know this
    So if I don't regurgitate my lyrics how you gonna get it?
    Want me to pretend I got half a brain
    or that I ain't Republican?
    Fuck that
    this battle's wac
    and the way I sees it the muthafuckers fixed
    you did this shit cause I'm the real O'Reilly
    and you bitches know my rhymes is sick!
    So you come up with these cheesy ass rules

    Tell me how I didn't just get robbed?
    If I couldn't do none of that shit
    Nigga, I'd be out of a JOB!
    if you cant make a simple flow without flipping and bitching
    then nigga ill be the one to say your ass belongs in the kitchen
    oreilly don't be a pussy , you've got good flow
    so join the rap battle tournament and put on a good show
    spit a fresh rhyme each time to show your true talent
    and if you got no bars then that's one less ballot
    youre a republican , guess your not used to the real
    afraid you cant regurgitate , sway and recycle peoples feels
    bro chill
    take a hint from Obama
    toke a bit , fuck a bitch, and kill that nigga Osama
    don't buy one dog , buy two cause that's what real niggas do
    and spend millions on vacation just for you
    anyways you should join , lol
    Aight! My girl says join...I join.
    I'm da real Bill O'Reilly!
  17. Heard ya mans snitchin, the morgues where I sent them taddlers,
    Think you can win you got ya mental backwards,
    Your lines are lame, minor claims, no attention grabbers..
    You bitches wouldn't get the point in a prison full of relentless stabbers,
    Bricks back? Kid I been up in this bitch,
    Make a head 360 on some exorcism shit,
    Kinda clever wit the writs but I'm devilish n sick,
    You ain't ready for the wits I put together in a script,
    If its battle, I'm coming for your throat like a gators bite,
    I hope your friends talk you out of it n save a life,
    My haze is nice, it enables me to slay the mic with
    Razor type bars bring it hard or you'll pay the price,
  18. Since there isn't a prize I'll offer up ten dollars to a PayPal or a gift card of the winners choice. Let's keep the rules that a lot of us agreed to, why change it cause one person doesn't like or agree with it?

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  19. I key like Escobar, take the mind out gotti,
    my word is disturbed take ya spine out ya body

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