Rap Battle Tournament Round 2: Kronologick vs. Sparkin

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    Each contestant has 24 hours to check in, once both opponents have checked in, they have 24 hours to drop their verses. Remember the rules, 16 bars/16 lines!!! Questions, just ask refer to the original thread which I provided a link to below.

    Once both verses have been dropped, voting will ensue for 24 hours, then the winner will be decided. Good luck!

    When writing your verses consider the following:

    Any questions on the definitions of the rules, see the original 'Rap Battle Tournament' Thread in the link above.

    In order for your vote to count you must leave an explanation as to why you voted the way you did, otherwise your vote will not be counted. You cannot vote for yourself, either.

    6-0 Sparkin

    Sparkin advances to the final four.

  2. Check 1, 2.

    Lets get it in Krono, good luck
  3. gluck bruh!
  4. Alright, I'll drop my shit first since I have it ready..

    First off, do you even know how to drop a multi with those 'shitty rhymes'?
    This 'skinny guy' cant 'spit a line' because hes a 'bitch inside', I guess all the
    creative writers disappeared when tupac and 'biggie died', I'm known 'city wide',
    Cuz I 'spit so fine', his rhymes make me want to fly to his city jus to 'hit this guy',
    Spark gunna 'drop flames', whats up with the "//", 'got game'? or is this your
    way of telling us that your 'not straight'? (LOL), In this tourney, "I will survive" like
    'Gloria Gaynor', 'you're a flamer', I'll be quick to wage war with 'swords and sabers',
    and best believe theres no escaping the 'force of nature', I'm an 'organ breaker',
    and ya fate gunna be served quick in the 'torture chamber', Your hopes "gone by"
    like a forgotten 'opportunity', This is "survivor", so i'll just say I got the 'immunity',
    Seriously, What could you 'do to me'?, cuz even your own shitty lines put 'you to sleep'!,
    I'm already champ of this tourney, So my feet feel 'heavy under me', I'll decapitate
    this bitch and stick his "head on a stake" for 'everyone to see', Bitch i'm 'cancerous',
    think you can 'handle this'? He's all for world peace, Got no anger, jus like a 'pacifist',
    I've 'mastered this', so 'fast to rip' flesh from fucking bone... just call Spark a 'basilisk',
    Have em sleepin wit the 'rats n shit', an there will be no reprocussions wen I 'smash this bitch'

    He placed // after his bars in the sativa battle. the // is 'not straight', hence where i got the punch.
    gloria gaynor is a singer, one of her songs is called 'i will survive', you probably heard it before.
    the tv show 'survivor' has somethin called 'the immunity' that saves the person from elimination
    A basilisk is a big ass reptile that'll fuck your shit up. Get your google on.
  5. pretty dope.

    "Seriously, What could you 'do to me'?, cuz even your own shitty lines put 'you to sleep'!,"


  6. :D

    Thanks bro.
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    every line was done seperately, I said I enjoyed it, jokingly//
    before the battle I read your threads, conclusions were hit
    You're suffering from ADHD, attention-deficit.//
    Stealing roaches from your dad and now you step with confidence..//
    I guess its not so bad, I would dis-own you if I was your parents, though.//
    risking familiy ties with blatant lies for marijuana is worse than doing blow.//
    we've all seen your style before, everything ryhmez, tons of lines,
    done as a whole, not personal, has to be read 7 times,
    to get through it I need self-control, well not really,
    I just have to actually believe that it was suppose to be offensive to me.//
    you beat cberry, and i say my congrats! c has more rings than most trees//
    hotter than mexican pee, but you cant take anything from sparkin personally,//
    as he just strikes with a buncha played out analogies,//
    To say you got word-play might ignite the fight metaphorically,
    if you keep 'sparkin' by your own theory
    you'll have a heart attack in your early thirties.//

    explanation -

    sparkin cool guy, no worries! just a battle.. but

    He has a thread talking about how he use to take roaches from his dad, and the last line is because he talks about having a fast heart beat when hes smoking.
  8. Lol nice you went digging I like that.

    I found out that weed that made me have a fast heart beat was laced, hahaha. Crazy shit -_-

    Good verse bro, lets get some voooootes.
  9. Multi's with incorporated punches..
    Sparkin by a long shot.
    Good verse though Krono, dope shit.
  10. sparkin came with more creative blows and kronologick had the personal blows which made me laugh but had less flow.

    my opinion sparkin took it home

    +1 sparkin
  11. +1 Sparkin

    for basically the reasoning behind Puff's vote, better flow, both had good punches, even though I think Sparkin had the better punches
  12. SParkin had a sicker flow and better punches overall....he just came off hard as fuck and imo destroyed him.... kronos flow was little harder to catch and i had to read it more then once and only read sparkins once.... kronos punches were a little more persoanl but as a whole the verse wasnt better then Sparkins... still not a bad verse tho.. either way

    +1 SPARKIN
  13. Sparkin. Sick flow sick multies. didn't realize you had that in you
  14. sparking becaus ehe came on point with flow and punches, but i was really diggin kronologicks verse
  15. fuck yeah, sparkin had a dope first, surprised me. i've accepted my defeat by now, keep going bruh!

    I grew up on rapworlds.com, was never a good battler, but I did attempt to battle for 6+ years and I knew the second sparkin posted he was REAL TALK.. good shit holmes

    thanks for voting dudes, good show!
  16. Yeah I'm not gonna lie I like Krono's concepts better I guess, like what he spits about but in battles thats not what its about.
  17. was that an intentional rap?
  18. 6-0 Sparkin

    Sparkin advances to the final four.

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