Rap Battle Tournament Round 2: DreadLocker vs. IronLung421

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  1. Each contestant has 24 hours to check in, once both opponents have checked in, they have 24 hours to drop their verses. Remember the rules, 16 bars/16 lines!!! Questions, just ask refer to the original thread which I provided a link to below.

    Once both verses have been dropped, voting will ensue for 24 hours, then the winner will be decided. Good luck!

    When writing your verses consider the following:

    Any questions on the definitions of the rules, see the original 'Rap Battle Tournament' Thread in the link above.

    In order for your vote to count you must leave an explanation as to why you voted the way you did, otherwise your vote will not be counted. You cannot vote for yourself, either.
  2. 4.5 hours yo.
  3. we'll give him a lil extra time if we gotta lol.. only 4 battles this round.. rather not see one end in DQ
  4. 10 minutes.

    listen iron lung, ill leave u wrung.
    hung out to dry like my weed plants after 6 months of sun.
    ive been sick since i begun, your so sick youve got an iron lung
    you cant even breath on your own so you have to rap with your fingers and your thumbs.

    typin suits you well, we can tell by your post count
    ten posts a day and you can barely even check in
    thats why ill wreck you with a verse as my only weapon
    northwest beef im reppin, fuck the east they aint steppin!

    i got 10 mintues left till three and ill fill em easily
    ill follow you through the crowd, pick pocket burglery
    scorch ya to the third degree dont even say a word to me
    im so disturbed i'll hang this nerd for the whole world to see.

    bitch, always tryin to push the time limits.
    forfit now you dont have tight rhyme gimmics.
    ill cut you and rub some grime in it.
    nut to, rub some slime in it. bitch
  5. time to move on with life. i win on DQ! not hatin i just need to battle bonsai!
  6. ight.. bummer but its all good.


    he can talk to you about it if he wants to be un-DQ'd but if he doesnt post by midnightish tonight im dq'ing him anyway cause this things gonna be ready to roll into round3 not too long from now
  7. i know skies is gonna hate this but im dropping it cause i wrote it lol


    Dreadlocker/ you musta been bullied in school so now you dread lockers/
    from getting shoved inside by bigger bang head rockers/
    bitch death conquers, when I fuck ur world up/
    ur like eric saunders playin at world cups/
    your mixmatched and in the wrong sport/
    you should quit rap, kid im all for it/
    so follow what I say and of course ill support it/
    ur like a horse in a forest that's full of trees when your battling me/
    your couldn't catch enough speed to even gallop with me/ watch this…. Let me explain with the way that I drop spits/
    im disgusted you think you could fuck with assumptions that any conjunctions of ur multies would even function at all please/
    ill make your whole verse come apart like false teeth/
    or crash it to the ground like a stock in wall street/
    I bombarded this graffiitti artist to make his shit sound retarded/
    might not have been pardoned to be in this battle thread/
    but ironlung never won, ppl just saw me as a threat/
    and put me to death before I killed the tourney instead/

    not even great!... ill sway against myself for this one lol
  8. lol id basically have to run it by everyone left in the tourney to keep it fair Smoke.. id be reinstating a talented contestant that was already eliminated by lettin you back in. sorry holmes its just too big a pain in the ass and then if you beat somebody after dreadlocker theyre gonna be pissed i let you back in :laughing:

    dont worry though this tourney will be done in a few days and ill just start another one right after and actually follow through for a change
  9. lol all good... i feel you
  10. lol no bitch.
  11. yeah, let Dreadlocker embrace the fact that he counted down to the deadline so he could advance....wait, what? :rolleyes:
  12. i didnt make the rules, but we did all agree to them ?
  13. I vote for IronLung
  14. yeah, we did, just your overembellishment of it kills me
  15. thats ok ur just oversensitive. thats y u make all them sensitive raps
  16. Sniff sniff.... hmmm i smell a battle tween berry and locker
  17. haha, my boy, let me know after you lost next round, we can go at it real quick, I'll kill you softly

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