Rap Battle Tournament 1st Round - Kris Benwa vs BrickShitHouse

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    BrickShitHouse's Verse
    Round 1.. Kris kinda stuck like a peeled tab,
    Skills mad, I'm running this shit til my heels scab,
    Ima son this kid, have him thinkin I'm his real dad..
    ..And afterwards wont even feel bad.. haha
    Its a wrap, I'm a Wayne county thoroughbred,
    Going at ya throat like a turtleneck, fly, cuz I'm
    Earnin checks, pop you like a percocet, you're the best?
    Kid I'm shittin on you as of now, you'll get urine next!,
    Battles easy, I attack, when it breaks out
    I'm playing with knives like a jap at a steakhouse,
    But I don't need a blade to murder you, cuz murkin you
    Is easy like I always say, guess that didn't occur to you,
    Kris thinks his flow is dope, I'm about ta leave him hangin
    Out the window danglin by the rope around his chokin throat,
    Its hopeless hopin you can see me, Ima smokin ghost
    I hope this joker does a few revisions 'fore he goes to post,

    Kris Benwa's Verse
    Kris Benwa Da Krippler Imma tell you now, none of you battlers will be able to get around
    Actually what I said was none of you battlers will be able to get a round
    I'm a sick bastard and these bars I'm the master of
    You were dead when I signed up that's a St Valentine 's Day Massacre
    I'm hooked on crime look in the eyes of a nigga trying to kill shit
    My book of rhymes is like a hook and lines it's only for that real (reel) shit
    These hot bars leave you chard as hard (Charizard) as matches boy
    Let me tell you how I'll trash the boy;
    I'll let that thing peek at you (Pikachu) and blast toys (Blastoise)
    So please don't take me lightly sir or you will end up on the IV sir (Ivysaur)
    Lyrical shotty blast but this boy in a body bag
    I'm a divine MC and I'm way too far ahead to be defeated
    These bars will sent him up to the GOD that I made him believe in
    So if anybody talking shit just know I'll bring the fire to em
    And dump all over his grill like lighter fluid.
    No matter who I go against I can promise I ain't losing. EZ!

    @[member="Kris Benwa"] vs @[member="BrickShitHouse"]

    Click HERE for sign-up/information thread.

    This is a 1st round match, both battlers need to check in within 24 hrs and have another 24 hrs to send their verse to me (Glock Coma) via PM after checking in. Make sure you read the rules below. Vote on all the other battles if you want people to vote on your match. Lets see some BARS
  2. I'm checking in. Idk why the tag didn't notify me it's a good thing I happened to go looking for it.
  3. Check brotha.. good luck
  4. Both verses posted in original thread, but we have an issue. Kris Benwa is disqualified for biting a line off popular battle rapper Conceited.
    Conceited drops that 'peek at you and blast toys' line in his 2nd round vs Illmaculate. Fast forward to 6:12 and watch till 6:18.
    BrickShitHouse moves on by default, but even if Kris didn't bite that line I'd still give the battle to Brick. Better verse overall.
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    That's not a total bite it's a concept I expanded on. Example; If I said Rappers I monkey flip them and then went off on my own shit is that biting? but it's cool either way. Good luck to everyone else
  6. I dont know why everyones verses are all centered on murder but i guess id go with benwa's cuz everything was entertaining minus the pokemon wordplay. Battle rap is weird lol
  7. Bricks always consistent, has dope multiples and punches. 
    This kid Kris had some sick punchlines and word play but bit lines. 
    Hard one to judge anyways, and Kris benwa biting lines so brickhouse all day anyways. 
  8. +1 kris , I think bricks coulda took his opponent more seriously. Not a fan of "Hahas" and random breaks in the middle of rhymes.

    Both were good , Kris's wordplay was better.
  9. Kris bit. Brick won. Shame, he had some great material too, if he hadn't bitten that bar he would of won it for me.
    +1 Brick.
  10. Im gunna go with (brick shit house) he went hard and still kept some humor in it. They were both good though. The pokemon lines were funny lol

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