Rap Battle Tournament 1st Round - Bumbaross vs Apex Word

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    Bumbaross' Verse
    Just clocked in, had a show at the gardens
    And I changed my avatar to something you can a write a bar with
    Apex peaked where drizzy drake started
    Writing lines for cosigns, and freelance artists
    Started grinding hard banking money off of proline
    But it's long gone, Thomas picked it off the goal line
    So now his phone has no time, rhymes so 09
    Car got towed, better read those road signs
    Im drunk at church my dick burn with the clap
    Spitting to a bip bap beat on the mac
    I aint really that bad; im lean and half black
    And im waiting on your 10 cuz that's the fee for my cab
    Hooold on that's twisted, Thats me and your misses
    Her ass so thick niggas callin up guiness
    We'll eat out for breakfast, i aint talking no denny's
    Bust a nut in her jaw guess ill take her to the dentist

    Apex Word's Verse
    First off, fuck this bumbaclot, bumbaross, for you ima spit it so nasty, that my tongue'll rot,
    and if i come across you, it's a hundred bombs, im gonna drop, and leave you in ashes,
    i don't believe you even have spit, but i believe you got bleedin semen covered chapped lips,
    you're a prisoners wet dream, they've raped other bitches but youre the one they let scream,
    they probably have aids, so you should probably get screened, but this only if youre set free,
    your corny ass'll get creamed, and you get fucked again, the second that i touch a pen,
    go back in time and turn your birth into a death scene, cut your head clean off your neck dude,
    to me, it would be mean not to test you, and then during voting, we can see who respects you,
    but see, its a king youre next to, i use the reapers bones to cut it live, so everything i touch it dies,
    i would love to see it fuckin live, but you would've told the police, shot dead while holdin a piece,
    the buckshots sweet, it leaves holes in ya teeth, like doing laundry, watch you fold on the streets,
    ima rap this tight in the afterlife, but first ill hang your ass alive from a traffic light, i dont have to fight,
    you can die from passers by, its hard cause i have to type, i think the numbers off, but bumbaross,
    dont act surprised, when the mic's passed and you crash and burn, because you have to learn,
    to be this good, you'd have to earn, in fact discern from facts and slurs, but still its nice,
    to see you cry like you had a glass a milk and spilled it twice, plus you rap like vanilla ice,

    @[member="Bumbaross"] vs @[member="Apex Word"]

    Click HERE for sign-up/information thread.

    This is a 1st round match, both battlers need to check in within 24 hrs and have another 24 hrs to send their verse to me (Glock Coma) via PM after checking in. Make sure you read the rules below. Vote on all the other battles if you want people to vote on your match. Lets see some BARS
  2. I only ride foreign cuz i got a check
  3. Checking in
  4. Both verses are up in the original thread post. Voting now opened
  5. Hahahahaha! Ok Apex Word beasted that shit and wrote so much content i think he broke the fuckin rules lulz, i dont wanna shit on bumba but shit man Apex used probably twice the content and still managed to be more entertaining and not fall off, i gotta give it up to Apex for sure but still mad respect to bumba cause he had some good lines that made me laugh but you know what it is. 
  6. Nigga wrote like 40 bars lmao, well done
  7. I think this one needs another verse. Apex's was around twice as long so that's a factor
    I dont know, if you wanna use lots of content thats your choice i guess but you are limiting yourself in a way in later rounds, if everyone agreed there should be another verse done then sure however thats a hard one to call.
  9. Well he said 16 lines I assumed like a standard set up as one line and a punch as the next or what have you. IDK if we can all agree both of those equal "8 bars=16 lines" then Apex would win but can we all agree to that?
  10. If i knew i coulda wrote 3 songs i would have lol
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    I agree if i participated i would of done a set up exactly like bumbas with punch and then next line but at the same time i dont wanna limit somebodies creativity, although writing lots of content makes it easier to fall off and become inconsistent, i dunno what to say other than ive said my piece and this one is in the books, if people say there should be another verse done or not i agree, im kinda torn with this one. 
    If no other verse is done my vote stands tho.
  12. There's definitely a "what constitutes 16 lines" discrepancy here. I vote for new verses to properly decide on who wins if we agree Apex's is longer than 16 lines. If it's decided that both verses are equal length then Apex wins but that seems unfair. I think the rules could have been outlined a bit more clearly.
  13. 16 lines is 16 lines. Apex didn't go over so his verse is legit.
    I've known Apex for awhile tho those long type lines is his style. Can't make the dude rewrite the verse thats how he does his shit.
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    I wrote sixteen lines....just saying no disrespect to bumba intended by it being so long

    And if it's voted that we need new verses it's all up to glock, I'm just soon my thing, those long lined mutlis are my style
  15. Apex got it.. I was sold after the first 2 lines so whether he dropped 16 or 32 he killed it. He raps faster than most spitters.. he fits that shit in there just to get those extra insults in.. props where props are due but I'm coming for that head son..

    +1 apex word
  16. Apex for sure, he had far more content, more and harder hitting punches and superior imagery. 
  17. See were already having a shit fest. lol. 
    I don't think we should judge on how "fast" you think someones spits. 
    How do we know Bumba can't spit as fast as Apex..with all that being said
    i think Glock Coma said it best...Apex didn't go over his 16 lines so...
    +1 Apex
  18. Apex , his lines read nice , good punches.
  19. PUNCHES - Apex (had the better quality punches, went for the throat with some of the harder hitting shit at the end)
    NAME PLAY - Apex (Bumba had none, Apex gets this by default)
    WORD PLAY - None (Both guys don't have a word play type of style so this category can't be decided on)
    PERSONALS - Apex (Bumbas shit was a little more general, Apex more direct)
    FLOW - Bumba (Some of Apex's long lines lose me sometimes, but the content is always dope. Bumbas verse was an easy read, good shit)
    MULTI'S - Apex (Apex is a multi-heavy battler and it really shows here.. Had more multis by far)
    ORIGINALITY - Apex (Apex didn't get this by much because a lot of the shit was pretty common but Im givin this to him for the complexity of the lines which Bumba didnt have a lot of)
    Good battle from both sides. Bumba needs to be more direct and get some punches in there cuz Apex went pretty punch heavy and took the battle pretty easily imo. Long winded style gets hectic when reading and I lose the flow sometimes.
    +1 Apex

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