rap battle me. haha.

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  1. I just wrote this and wanted to share, because it owns.

    ignite the widow, fire white, burn bright, smoke stoned height, float, riiiight? that cryptic chronic, robotic bionic flow, electronic sonic, go -- stop. breathe. iron lungs and thc, a catalyst for creativity settin' me free... a glimpse of reality the way it was meant to be -- stop. breathe. open up your mind and perceive. deceive the body and flee. disease-ridden vision retreat, revealin' what the eyes can't see - cerebral clarity.

    I know somebody will battle me. let's go. :smoking:

    hah :D
  2. aiight man i got some stuff

    i just wrote this for now

    the biggest secret to dismantle your state of mind
    locked up, in this box of thoughts defined
    combined, intertwined my esteem had once declined
    but watch your back, cuz now the planets are aligned

    are ya disinclined? i redifine all preconsieved notions
    no need for the motions, they require emotions
    im concerned with present bitch, here and now
    so bow, turn around ill eat ya out like puppy chow

    this is another rap ive writeen previously

    I transcend the fabric of both time and space
    Regress ya with my powers to the Mongoloid race
    To a much lower place of knowledge base, erase
    Liability case, this aint no master race

    My words are like addin fuel to the fuckin fire
    Like intangible conductor wire, somethin ya desire
    See ya couldn't even hope to immitate, sublimate, venerate
    Just generate hate, cuz ya can't alleviate

    My only goal, to overthrow military control
    Ill fight with all I got, body and soul
    I wont show self control, fuck no, ill play my role
    Bitch, ill turn ya into a fuckin arthritic mole

    My words bring tears to powering oppressors
    Im the aggressor, I kill their lines, no successors
    Like a taxassesors I apply painful pressure
    The lyrics I spit couldn't be any fresher

    my profetic electromagnetic anestetic
    unsympathetic genetics are hardly apologetic
    my phonetics on thier own cause kenetic prostetics
    all because im the prodigal poetic apathetic

    not to say that im the second commin, but damn
    my egos bigger the whole enron scam
    BAM! i think im gunna need an oral exam
    bangin more than died in the forest of (viet) nam

    blinded by a blanket of replete deceit
    here to make incomplete wall street elite
    im unable to defeat, so ya better retreat
    im here till death, disabled the ejection seat

    we live under the modified american plan
    it started way before the attack by japan
    so if cappin a bitch gets me 10 in the can
    cappin 10 mill should get you death, mr. government man
  3. that was so FUcking dope
  4. That was good. Can you come up with that stuff on the spot? Dont get me wrong, I would battle you but my vocabulary isnt that big. It would take me a long time to think about what I would say. I remember I made a rap about Holden in Catcher In the Rye for school though. It was sick.

    Edit: OK I couldnt hold back. I have to let it out. I tried to make it go with the book.

    I got blonde hair and I got brown eyes
    Gotta watch me as I flip those fries
    They go from frozen, to golden
    My name is Holden...a.k.a. dropout
    Used to go to school until I got kicked out
    Missed out on all that learning
    Now Im just turning and burning the burgers

    Damn, I forget the few lines in here. O, well.

    You got me here, standing on thin ice
    Next time Ill think twice
    Look and listen
    Maybe I will make a better decision
  5. lol nice, mike.

    "my profetic electromagnetic anestetic
    unsympathetic genetics are hardly apologetic
    my phonetics on thier own cause kenetic prostetics
    all because im the prodigal poetic apathetic"

    that was the best part. you're not too great at spelling, but your rhymes are awesome. :smoking:
  6. I don't know who you were talking to jtp, but I can't freestyle. I have a deep vocabulary and I'm a good writer, but I need to take my time. haha. the little short thing I had posted at the top I just had one goal, to write about smoking, and that's what I did and it turned out good. :p
  7. thats tight man, i made a rap for oedipus rex, a novel by aristotle or someone...class loved it, brought me from an F to a D, so i was happy. no i cant come up with stuff like that on the spot, usually takes me about 1-2 hours to come up with somethin like that, i havnt been goin long so im nto that great...but im gettin better
  8. yeah, we read that in my humanities class in college. i had trouble staying awake when we watched the play... :/ lol
  9. this is more to a raggae tune in my head but.... here goes:

    My mind won't believe
    Cuz my eyes they deceive
    how can, we be, so far from grace
    i pray for the day, i may toke anywhere, anytime, any place
    free from the fear that i hold deep inside...searching for the lights
    that light up(light up, light it up...) in the sky.... the red and the blue, theres no white
    at night, the flag that means nothing if yah stand up for yah rights
    no justice to be had for the tree burning nation, ya gotta take it in stride
    and light up with determination....

    :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: ... i dunno if any1 will catch on the tune in my head.... but yah... thats my thing...
  10. wow did mine just that bad? enough to just completely annhilate this thread..... haha...... uhhh... nice?
  11. lol nahh. i'll revive the stoned rhyme battle thread. :smoke:

    bump bump.
  12. This is my drunk freestyle
    Im bout to go wild

    Twistin blunts full of herb,
    Smokin on the curb,

    Im to high to be violent
    Im ready to be silent

    Relax and chill
    Enjoy how ya feel

    'Thas jus my intro,
    But yall cant hear the instrumental'

    Grab a gun and throw it at you,
    Jus to see what you'll do,
    Your nothin in this game, Your new,
    Tryin to play me like a foo,

    I dont play around,
    Ill put you underground,

    6 feet deep,
    Watch me creep,

    We from Detroit City,
    Not a bitch like fitty,

    Ill blow a nukkas head off,
    With the stolen sawed off,
    Watch the blood as he cough,
    Heh, He thought we was tough.

    Aight thats it, Im drunk, Im high. No idea if this is good or fuckin horrible. Too drunk to know. Jus shit off the top of my head and drunk so i didnt even read it over. Jus straight raw drunk freestyle.
  13. yo yo yo I'm looking for a dime
    that's top of the line
    cute face little waste with a big behind
    I need a dime, that's top of the line...............

    lol...Mike Jones.......Ying Yang Twins
  14. gross. don't quote that trash in my thread.

    down with mtv hip pop.

  15. ey yo..... yo..... check it.....

    "milk... milk.... milk milk chicken.... chicken chicken milk, milk chicken milk, chicken chicken chicken.... milk milk milk... milk, chicken, chicken, chicken, milk milk, chicken, milk chicken!"

    honest to god story..... my friends brother.... at his church talent show when he was younger.... went up on stage and did a "rap", that was 6 minutes long.. using only 2 words... milk.... and chicken....... hahaha
  16. im the only unpresidented, uncontested
    lyrical manifested, rapper not arrested
    they dare not even try to trot on my game
    because they know, if they try and bring the blame

    ill rain on them, i firestorm of wrath
    so fuckin bad einstien cant to math
    im like a high priest of sorts with my sky high staff
    but im fair as shit, i aint no james m. bath

    ill gat blast anyone who gets in my path
    i twist ya everywhich way like a parabola graph
    and when im done smoke yall bitches ill have a good laugh
    im increasingly inexcabable

    this shit aint no fable, ill rape ya on ya kitchen table
    when its done ill be on americas most wanted
    because i make shore like a whore my killings are flaunted
  17. dude thats sick.... why would u wanna rape someone on their kitchen table..... you'd rape a dude?..... :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: ....... you don't see many gangsta rappers who'd rape a dude...... :p ;) !

    damn im higgggh.... :smoking: :wave: :D :p :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    .... these smileys rock......
  18. Yo, i'm new on these boards,
    so please dont ignore me,
    my skills sharp as a sword,
    like a bud plant i'm horny, :smoking:
    sippin on forties, cliche it may sound
    but check my location, i'm reppin northtown.
    Here, shit is ghetto, cars are lawn obstacles,
    without las vegas, COPS wouldnt be possible,
    the 'gangsta' lifestyle shown on TV is fake-
    i live the "real life story" on which it was based,
    you can emulate my style, but you'll never be,
    the bootlegging bandit known as Clarity.
  19. You ain't nothing but im something
    I'll attack ya while your in your little shack
    Your rap is crap so just go back to smoking crack
    You want to battle me lets bring out the cavalry
    Your not hip hop you look like you listen to kid rock
    The only projects you've seen was at your 9th grade science fair
    You're fucking dreaming so just wake the fuck up cause I'm steaming


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