Rap battle I AM THE BEST

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  1. You know you can't touch me
    My balls all over the place
    Your balls are so wrinkly
    Its a motherfuckin goddamn disgrace
    Im high as shit and you aint
    And Im really cool and yo momma aint
    So fuck you and you you
    and you
    Yeah thats right I said it
  2. You sure like to talk about nuts
    What are you player homo?
    Your rap is shitty and there is no plus
    Your lyrics are crap you're no Cuomo
    Don't say you're the shit
    Unless you can back it up bitch
  3. Wrong section. Og.
  4. These are all freestyles with instrumental back drops of me and some buddies. They're about a year old and have been on Facebook, just got around to uploading them to Youtube today. :bongin:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VETmcy9AB90&feature=channel_video_title]ChillinOnRoofs - GrassCity - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIWz1rS3FJM&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL]ChillinOnRoofs - GrassCity - YouTube[/ame]
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    Yea because you are words on a computer screen.
  6. Hey fool ur a piece of shit
    Go use yo daddys pussy as a bong and take a hit
    Yeah ***** you gay as a muthafucka
    You so gay dat a waffle you a muthafucka
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    that sound highly unsanitary and a good way to catch something.

  8. Hmm? Spit it out. :D
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    Yes. Yes my balls are wrinkly.
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    Because I'm hammered and about to puke.
  11. Them gangstas call me lil wayne
    cuz mah smokin game is insane
    ill beat yo ass mayn
    i drink the rain till my ego shrivel up
    through the network my shovel up top
    homie g i stay ballin to the max
    and thats why when you ask me what im doin ima just say that i was kickin ass
  12. We already have a 200 page thread for this in the music section
  13. Don't rap battles usually involve dissin?
    I believe its the point you are missin
    You're lyrics don't make sense
    You're rapping don't pay the rent
    I'm being all political like Harvey Dent
    Oh a Batman reference ho!
    You're wit is like Bush...

  14. Yo fuck weed
    its the worst drug eva
    my cousin steve died from it
    last novemba
    it was laced with pcp
    and shrooms with some ecstasy
    im on
  15. You baffle me.
  16. Did you rhyme muthafucka with muthafucka?
  17. How do you lace weed with Shrooms? The heat of the flame would kill any and all psychoactive property in them.
  18. Smoke, go to the rap battle section in the Music area.

    You'd get schooled so fast you don't know what hitcha
    Now go learn a lesson and take it witcha
    You ain't numero Uno and neither am I
    I'll tell you one thing tho, my flow be easy like eating pie
  19. lol everyone here BLOWS
    you wanna learn to kick flows
    take it from the pros
    cuz in my raps, everything goes.
    im reppin grasscity
    and my rhymes are witty
    yo rhymes are shitty
    and yo dicks itty bitty
    so listen to me
    and you will see
    what its like..to be the best
    you should see what happened to the last guy who messed
    i beat his ass
    then i smoked some grass
    in celebration
    takin me on a little vacation

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