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Rap battle anyone?

Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by TokingToker, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. If this was a battle of witts? you would lose on the line
    I am the backbone of this battle, you have a weak spine
    you speak about Incest, cause your a stereotypical fool
    Nikka im from B-more too, we prolly went to the same school
    you complain about my rhymes, and you from the land of the 'O?
    nikka please you aint my bitch, now pack your shit and go
    your as fake as PC, aint nuthin but a Suburban bitch
    toughest fight you been in is with a 4 pound fish
    you smokin the finest? bitch you wish
    I got the greenest green around, smokin in a cyclone spliff
    you a discrace to my city, now its time to quarantine
    send in 3 nikkas with Ak's to make sure its clean
    too bad, you had to go out like this
    you aint even worthy for me to piss,
    on you, even though I know your my fan
    has a picture of me as his desktop,
    jerks it whenever he can
    But Budzilla, I gotta say its good,
    your mom sucking my dick while Im flickin her hood
    thanks for your shirt though, it really came in handy
    Like Violent Jay says, "When you fuck around with the cotton candy"
    Heeey, Cotton Candy, Yeah, hey hey,
    Cotton candy didnt get wet, so I stick it in her mouth

    Im Rick James biotch!
  2. yall can say all of this in the form of a battle u kno?
  3. We Ninja'd eachother there man. Why God why?
  4. I just wish even half the people who post in this thread had a shred of talent.
  5. i got enough perks with a-paps (apap)
    to make eminem have a relapse
    get naked and run three laps
    gave me an ounce to hold and wont even ask for his weed back
    fin' take shit over, homie believe dat
    wen u talkin shit i know its just a weed rap
    cuz u let the drugs talk for u, fake ass hustler tried to sell me chalk and glue
    all for 2, dollars, i told him id holler, but i wouldnt even bother
    to mess with any of these homos, me sayin there name is there biggest promo
    i rapidly diss, while they even to sluggish for slow-mo, prolly all the somas
    enough of them motherfuckers will leave u in a coma, layin in a pool of your own drool
    all cuz u wanted to act a fool? i cant rele say nothin tho cuz im on it too
  6. lol
    I agree but enough wit the chit chatter//
    if u a rip masta and ur lyrics is the shit then transmit the shit splatter!//
    make the ignorance fuel your aggression//
    make him think he never knew how much chaos can be ensued in a second//
    so imagine when im in the booth in a SESSION//
    i eat rappers AND teach emcees, i'll make you food for the lesson//
    u couldnt be "fly when u write" if u had a palm "pilot"//
    or electrifyin if it got hit in the storm by it//
    im full-minded, u wont find this in the environment//
    where they spew about jewels and they colored in di-a-monds
  7. My team is made up of the meanest
    Highly esteemed fully trained Hip Hop Extremists
    Rap terrorists snatchin rappers out theyre habitats
    In your rap you said youd grab a gat, but I saw you grab your cat
  8. You know I can easily beat you, ya can only hope my verse is whack,
    You aint got a trick up your sleeve, you'd have to own a shirt for that
    You'll always be the underdog, bitch you lack originality and purpose
    It's like your 1 controller short.. the way i'll disable your versus
    Nobody helps you when your in trouble so your usually looking for cover,
    And you never ever cry wolf, more like whale by the looks of ya mother
    Plus your bitch is nasty n' fat, just the sight of her would appall us,
    There's plenty of fish in the sea, so why did you pick a fucking walrus?!
  9. im tired of everyone sayin theres no talent
    while i stand here valiant, prolly cuz im high off the valium
    so rush to the bathroom, not to puke, but to huff gas fumes
    for real lemme get serious, not talk about my everyday drug experience
    but how my words can dramatically alter your appearence
    now wen i say somethin u fear it, act like u dont hear it
    and i still instill mass terror, and ruin your day worse than bad weather
    go after any member,
    im loco, never had to snort cocoa, to go crazy and bury ya body in the poconos
    or say FUCK BITCHES on the oprah show
    yall just got a hopeless flow, and im rele startin to think yall played out like Attari
    make em swim with the fishes but imma still fry they ass like calamari
  10. i just got back from

    drinkin dos x - eatin percocets an valiums
    big chillin at the pool an smokin purple kush in dallas
    im growin bushes of lavish jash flash in my attic
    naw im playin i wouldnt say where i propagate my stash bitch

    true sory. im fucked up. been eatin percs and vals all day night.

  11. Damn you are a stupid white trash kid arent ya?

    Obviously you don't have the best reading comp.

    I lived in cabrini for 5 years then moved back to Gary when they tore it all up and made north west tower or whatever the fuck its called.

  12. I got more than a trick up my sleeve, so walk over quick
    pull a revolver out my vest, now get down and suck my dick
    The Underdog is takin over, the game is already lost
    your a little pussy rhymer, so call me the boss
    My mom is skinny, and your right I never cry wolf
    infact the word cry, its not even in my book
    now Ive sat back, and watched you type to your hearts content
    but its time to evict you, now pay me my rent
    What about them stacks Budd? Their already spent
    now you sit at me for advice, "Father I repent"
    Budzilla Im your ruler, some call me the Man
    the one with Thunder in his voice, and lightning in my hand
    You talk about rhyming? your shits its bland
    it has more grains in it, than a beach full of sand
    If I see you, your dead, this is no game im playing
    your a bitch on the forums, keep comin back sayin
    "Fox your redneck, and your mom is fat, if I +Rep you can
    you hit me back"
    I like your style though, so Im gonna cherrish your memory
    Nikkas buried 10 feet under, on a farm in Bloomerey.
  13. What what, what what,

    Thrilla, fake ass killa, claiming OG, don't know me,

    Thinking you black, but you white as vanilla,

    Broke ass motha fucking pilla, hurry up and grab that dolla billa

    Im all about the real scrilla, raps with out the filla,


    not done be back after work
  14. -well u spit 9 bars to start wit.
    -not trying to get my fame up cause i didn't post my rap name or my myspace
    -I live in a house I own where I have my own recording studio thats prob bigger than ur bedroom
    -why do u have a dildo to throw down a hall anyways...homo
    -nothing came to rhyme outta ur storm line
    -ended the next two bars with be lol
    -and the last two bars i liked :D
  15. -skim raps? when I'm breaking down ur weak ass rhymes and this whole thing did lack syntax
    -didn't rhyme shit with grim cat to cross in a battle
    - what they fuck are u talking about boss here says to toss the fuckin curtains?
    - your spoken speech? what other kind of speech is there
    -didn't rhyme the next bar wit shit
    -i don't think u would be
    -last bar sounds like a stutter "so drop some words and first then" lol

    but at least u tryed to do 8 bars thats half a full verse congrats
  16. SF Sage you're more than stupid, yo
    Talking about your recording studio
    I'm 18 and I own my own house too,
    Thinking about setting up a studio now too,
    How cool, but that don't make me the shit
    I aint tryin to be a dick like you basically is
    Dissin dudes bedrooms, you sound ungrateful
    Meanwhile theres homeless people who arent that hateful
    You needa step back and stop frontin like death wont come
    Cause all your riches and wealth wont save you from that, son
  17. -21 bars lol
    -never said yall were boring just bad
    -no verse needed by me
    -what drops? like u dropping the ball on rapping lol then it is pouring ahh hahaha
    - nope not touring just performing up and down the state no tour and no 747 sorry oh and if i was making money to be touring i'd be on a g6 you dumb shit not a commuter plane
    -i didn't eat breakfast so u may be hearing my stomach i dunno
    -never stumble on my raps
    -"no im sure hes got no more issues, or i hope my name he wont missuse
    cuz i rele dont wanna diss u," don't wanna diss me yet that whats this whole thing is lol
    -amazing as a bigfoot sighting or as fake as one ahh hahaha
    -stone cold stunner...are u 15 you gotta be 18 to be on the forums bro haha
    -give me 3 16's not no 21bars mang do u know what i mean?
    -switching it from spitting at me to everyone at the end with "put yall in the hot seat"
    -rapping bought lil bo peep is not deep...
  18. firstly, emcee Sage, this is online interaction
    ya havent heard the phrase "pics or it didn't happen"?
    i spit some brilliant rappin while ya sit back clappin
    but when you fill-in the reply form it's "ya lack syntax man!"
    secondly, recording Gs dont always out-rap me
    reportedly, a lot of recording's undoubtedly crappy
    so how bout ya do link your rap name and ya myspace
    then i can ink some new shit about ya game and ya high-face
    it's a shame you haven't even dropped in this thread yet
    considering the claims you breathin we expect head shit
    where's your head sit? you ain't above me S.F. Sage
    go and test this rage i spit. let's see ya bless this page

    fuuuuuck. i gotta head out for a bit, i wanted to keep going. my mind's jugglin words with ease today
  19. i'll vouch for this ***** cause he telling the truth. Cabrini was posed to be a good idea, and place but when a city neglects a place/people like they did to cabrini it breeds violence, guns, and drugs. For those in the hood in any part of the states you know about cabrini green its synonymous with projects ya feel me I'm in frisco and I know about it cause we got projects out here that be going down the same way.

    shit gets really bad city knocks it down and trys to rebuild something for "everybody" but not everybody can affor the new prices. they wipe out the low income community forcing them to move elsewhere.

    Gary is prolly one of the most grimy places I have been too about the same as Detroit. Nothing but abandoned buildings everywhere, liquor stores, gun shops, and police and thats real.:smoking:

    But its Frisco Fillmore all day Up Town
  20. -well folks saying i recording in my moms basement lol and uh no I'm not had to let em know.
    -good for u at 18 must make good money I was poor took me till 24 to have what i have
    -a studio doesn't make anyone the shit and i never said i was i'm humble
    -i'm ungrateful??? when i fronting about u havin a crib at 18...and now thinking bout building a studio too...
    -I used to be homeless from august 1999 mom kicked me out on my birthday to 2003 when my manager took me in. Spent 4 years eatting outta trash cans but frisco is good for that.
    -not scared of death i got god man
    -nope they won't but my so called "riches and wealth" got me out the hood and off the street so I think that the little bit of cash I do have saved me homie

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