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Rap battle anyone?

Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by TokingToker, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Ok I fucking get it I'm a white juggalo
    I think it's time to find some new material bro
    Talk about real and say you decapitated your brother
    That means it's time for you to take a seat motherfucker
    You tossed a candidate in boston? I heard about the sex scandal
    You were publicly fucked on a boat floating down a canal
    I imagine that your hands would be reaching for my dick
    You're hustle's called gay for pay and you run that shit

    you rhymed like 2 words in that whole fuckin verse,
    your juggalo hoodie or your rapping, idk whats worse? :confused_2::confused_2:
    I need new material you've mentioned dick and my family in every line?
    The only thing to do with my dick,and your family is me fuckin yo mind.
    you might be at your prime but its time to decline when im reachin for mine,
    i bet you paint your face like tech nine, im like sarapalsy the way i wreck spines.
    Your whiter than white wine, vampire no sunshine, ***** go learn how to use
    a punchline.
  3. Let me guess you raise you're nephew cause you "killed his dad"
    Talk about obnoxious try telling the truth it ain't so bad
    You must've flunked history Hitler wasn't known for curb stomping
    And it seems like you're a janitor because you're always mopping
    Up the shit that you are talking you're ignorance and I'm bliss
    I printed out your rhymes because I needed a place to piss
    Talking shit about my album like you got one to compare
    I should probably stop because to you it's unfair
  4. Punchlines are my specialty I've been a comic for years
    And some of us don't hide behind a name like acid phere
    Sarapalsy ain't a thing cerebral palsy is probably what you meant
    But we've established you're uneducated that message you've sent
    Loud and clear and I see that you're proud of that fact
    Because your grammar is atrocious and your spelling is whack
    Yes I know I'm white you need new material
    I don't need to get racial to win this battle

  5. Naw his dads still alive, thanks for askin,
    His wife on the otherhand is in a casquet,
    Check for acid, leavin ******s baffled in his tactics,
    let me Illaborate, im doper than weed growed the cali way,
    And we already know that your pot sucks,
    You should really stop listening to pot luck,
    you took the time to piss on my internet spit?
    Thats energy spent, that sounds like an enemey shit,
    that means i got myself a new hater!
    Fuck yo life, ill check you and ya juggabooo crew later.
  6. Keep dissin my spellin' you still look like a brazilian shreck,
    The product of Juggalo clown and Alien sex,
    you bring up spelling cause you have nothin to diss, whats the deal?
    You know its the only thing cause my other lyrics to real,ya feel,
    i would show you the good shit but im afraid that youd steal,
    dont make me go to youtube and pull up your mad wierd ass.
    my education slips out the door when i hit earwax hash.
  7. Talking shit about Potluck who's featuring on your album bro?
    Talking shit about my pot while you got brown home grow
    Now your suddenly undead brother's got a dead wife you say
    This is a confusing murder drama like a Shakespeare play
    And sure I spent the energy but I ain't hating at all
    Just wanna make it known I own this shit and I made you fall
    Now I'll crown myself the winner in this battle right here
    And go and smoke myself a bowl and drink a bottle of beer
  8. It's cause you ain't got shit to show and nothing to steal
    I diss your spelling because I have wit and that's the deal
    And if your shit's so real then what's with all the holes?
    I mean in all my verses I've pointed out the roles
    Of who you said you killed and then referenced being alive
    To me that seems fake and like you're talking jive
    Go ahead and head to youtube so you can prove
    That Zach Tha Rippa's got the dopest flows and beats that groove
  9. all this hatred building up is against you so dont u mistake me for a fool

    i know whats been going on tha whole time so dont put me down for i know im in sublime
    im not tha horrible person u place me to be so dont try to make others disagree
    ive been through my shit and i know where i stand so dont try to look at me and place a brand
    ive got memories engraved and none all are good so look deep inside where im not misunderstood
    so if you jus try to get to know me for a very small fee you could be tha lucky one and get granted tha key
    to my heart and to my soul and all tha love i could provide but this is my last chance i give you before i go hide
    into tha darkness i sit and wait inside these thoughts ive come to hate
    i cant get away i cant ignore them so why not jus sit here and let them overpower and condemn
    me to a living hell it will be everyday so why try to fight them and go there way

    hope i have no more for its very hard to get to tha door try to escape and create an antiwar for i go through this everyday hardcore

  10. Fuck this ***** coming in here posting conscious rap
    Who you talking to don't really have a conscience black
    aint nobody wanna know you, even for a small fee
    ya raps are that wack, stick to shopping at the mall b
    yo it seem to me you new to this, so let me explain:
    the theme here is i neuter kids, simple and plain
    runnin thru ya bitch, like water down the drain
    you aint hardcore. What? You really just emo
    leave your eyes swelled shut like you smoking on primo
    im coming at ya neck, it's the only way that we know
    bounce a bitch like a check, then flip her faster than a kilo
    that Im weighing on a triple beam
    buy your self some pimple cream
    cause word around town, your skin looking scaley
    clowning on *****s is what im doing daily
  11. You called a man a bee in a rap like your the queen
    Listen up Buford, you should stick to the finer things
    smoke weed to pass time but it's not a time machine
    im on another level like a diamond ring, im a prodigy
    My rhyme game is fire but I promise there's a hotter me
    ill continue to spit fire till the words burn you consciously
    till no one recognizes you like an outlawed anomaly
    No apologies, im fueled with enmity and animosity
    Im the mass leader, there's alot of me, diabolically
    your a rarity, not like gold but a period, irregularity
    Fuck sincerity, be aware of me, here's your clairty
    eat shit and die, if you live ill kill you momentarily
  12. Killa kush, what a joke ima kill this bush
    I needed another bell to push, hats off
    Gloves off, ill strangle the bush like jack frost
    Get it? Your murder is criss crossed
    The plants squashed, the plants lost
    I just strangled the killer with car exhaust
    im murderous, your a nervous bitch
    Want furtherance? It was a perfect pitch.
  13. #23933 psychoperson25, Dec 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 11, 2012
    I am like Disney buying up all the assets
    You are just droopy like a hound of basset
    So go to Baskerville and try different grasses
    While I drink more than a school of basses
    So enjoy your pasture! Get molested by your pastor
    So we go a little faster I'll have another glass sir
    As for your mother that bitch is a disaster
    Riches in my future, my prime I haven't past it

    Speaking of the future I see in my crystal ball
    I see a daughter, birthdays you missed them all
    She got daddy issues so she works at the stripper mall
    Meanwhile you're on acid and you tripped them balls
    So next time wear a condom cause it's ribbed for y'all's

  14. A kilo? Okay dude, keep livin in your dream land,
    That's 36 ounces, a thousand n 8 g's man,
    That would me you see grams, n never stop flippin, bet
    You wouldnt have time to broadcast it on the internet,
    Fuck you.. You're nothin more than a little Asian teen
    Pussy boy flickin your bean with your dads shaving cream,
    Your shit ain't half as raw as you be tryna to make it seem,
    Im slayin schemes, you couldn't beat me in your greatest dream,
    Brick house.. I run shit, it's lights out, I've won this,
    As long as I'm around you will never reign triumphant,
    Ill dump clips, my guns just, be grouchy on some grump shit,
    Only powder you've ever handled was fuckin fun dip,
    Get done quick, 2 steps, n I ain't on no unk shit,
    Quick to bounce your head off some glass, Timmy Duncan,
    N I ain't gotta ask for these bitches to gimme somethin,
    I simply fuck em n send them hoes back to there shitty husbands,
    I ain't even do that to his moms but I STILL SONNED HIM!
  15. Off work, sittin spittin on the toilet
    I don't need no ink because writtens are annoying
    When you boy show, best believe he gon be pourin
    Cause i flow cold and homie you can't ignore this
    Smoking on some loud till my environments noiseless
    Friends of me smoke, enemy's get extorted
    For they cash, they girls ass, their weed and their Royces
    And thats how I shit in *****s spittin on the toilet
  16. They call me psychoperson
    My own version
    I might go surfing
    Or wear a turban
    Enthusiasm's curbing
    The flow is urban
    While y'all are derping
    It's you I'm mercing
    My talents emerging
    I'll rock till I'm thirty
    I'll always write dirty
    So tell me birdy
    Am I burping?
    Bugs and slurpee?
    Guns and herpes?
    Thugs? They curtsy
    So bow me out
    And crown me now

  17. I missed the learning curve, I swerve when I'm 40 40's deep, of OE cause its cheap, an alcoholic drug addict mess as he fucking weeps, with a switchblade in his boxers and are armed to the teeth cause I'm shooting quickly if you come to me with beef jump back react before I put out a contract for a 30 rack cause I got my pistol packed, because i'm pistol popping packing a personal primary P-90, don't try me or i'll fucking yak it, ima practice my ratchet on you thats why i got a teardrop tatto loud snaps in the air like breaking bamboo, no can do i get you jumped like a kangaroo


  18. Silly rabbit, that orange font has you popping up like a gun range target.
    you can call me heartless but look in the mirror at your splattered carcass.
    You must be new to this, im suited up, dr. Ace, im about to neuter this.
    im unraveling my true colors like a candy kiss, its lights out with a solo candle lit.
    I got my cleaver coming down like a cough drop, welcome to the vet shop
    Or is it pet chop? Cause this rabbit is gonna hurt like a bomb blast in a pet shop
    death applied, rabbit feet supplied, bunny went Mia and his bones brushed aside
    im nice when I try but im also the one shitting exactly where you died, shit, I guess im like Jekyll and hyde.
  19. I made the curve I'm Edward 40 hands
    I get paid for every gig at least 40 grand
    Keep to donuts and bacon you porky man
    Lets get these tires spinning, torque it man

    You drug addict mess I gave you the needle
    You have no self control because you're evil
    I got my pistol popping to protect the people
    I'm spider-man and you're venom, it starts in the steeple

    I only go to church to merc the rabbit
    I toss you a gun I suggest you grab it
    I grant one wish cause your names Aladdin
    If you don't free me then I will fuck your Jasmine

  20. My flow is toxic like I'm burning plastic, if I said you was straight I was being sarcastic
    Calling me porky man, you corny man, drivebys in a four door sedan to make me a fortune man
    I'm not Aladdin boy my shells is, I swell up your fucking lips like shellfish, cause i'm selfish
    Evil since the day of conception, you ain't pregnant but I'll give you a c section with a rusty butter knife so I give u an infection

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