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Rants... I love em... Give em to me ppl!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. Okay, the band of the night is Metallica... love metal, hard, heavy as fuck, fast metal. Song of the night is Battery, check it out its decent. Very fast, but melodic. The weed tonight was nice, had some danky middi's, then had some really nice mids, something you actually call Middi's, light green buds but still dark, bit of redness. High is very nice, heavy yet uplifted, not to much of a couch igh. Creative is what I'm thinkin mostly... maybe thats why Metallica sounds so nice tonight. Gonna work on my story a bit... heh, if anyone is every interested, i'll post it up in a while. Gonna make a new picture tonight, probably out of a weed leaf again but differnt this time, more exciting.... Heh, cops came to the house today, said the ppl next door complained about us skatin outsid.e.. stupid pigs :p

    Well, i'm gonna go off to write now, cuz i just really got in the mood :p Peace out, n i wanna see some rants on here tomarrow.
  2. well this is my rant, i'm pretty much drunk and high speaking of which i'm gunna roll another one up,and i'm just happy. can this be a happy rant? happiness, u know feelin all good inside and full of smiles! i'm just really really happy and ranting cuz i'm drunkered and stonered and gunna get more stonered!
  3. No rant here...Just a big HELL YEA! to you for blazing, listening to metal, and skateboarding! Thats me!
  4. Hell yes! Metal weed and that sort for life :p
  5. I WANT MORE RANTS! I wanna hear your random stoned thoughts on life... the ponderings, the evolutionary theorys :p Everything! even if ur singing a phat song
  6. Nothing Like Mary Jane and Metal, best combination there is :) Sadly im burnin out, gonna have to get some bud tommorrow.
  7. i'm givin the lonely rant. i'm lonely.everyones sleepin, it's dark, quiet and the one person i want to talk to,isn't with me to cheer me up. and i'm not high. i could be, but i'm not. about that eh.
  8. go read some of my stuff in rec use its pretty fucking crazy as far as rants go
  9. i wish I was 12
  10. I need weed. I want weed. I have enough to get me high one more time. I'm gonna fucking bug. But it's okay cause I'm swamped with work anyway. Need to blaze, need to find more blazers that actually throw in either money or weed. Need a new dealer... Want a new dealer...Would really appreciate a new dealer...
  11. You want a rant? I'll give you a rant!

    *cracks knuckles and takes a big swig of water to prepare for insane typing ahead*

    I WANT WEED! I want a large quantity of weed, enough to last me a month or more. Do you know why I want that much? Because it's FUCKING DRY around here and it's getting hard to tell when you'll be able to get a hook up around here. It's to the point that you want to buy any you can get your hands on just to make sure you have some once it starts to get REALLY dry.

    And do you know WHY it's so dry around here? Well, yes, it's partially because of the season and the non-overlaping harvest time. But above and beyond that, the cops in Berrien County are going fucking nuts with their War on Drugs bullshit. They arrested an 80+ year old couple... over 80 years old!!! because they had ONE.. yes just ONE plant inside their entire freakin' corn field. I bet they didn't want it there or even knew that it existed. They've been flying over with helicopters and they've been pulling over a lot more "suspicious" drivers and searching them.

    WHY! WHY, I ask, are they doing this? Because it's ILLEGAL. And why is it illegal? Because it's a "scourge of society," and "unhealty." BULLSHIT! IF YOU WANT UNHEALTY, LOOK AT CIGARETTES AND ALCOHOL! Scourge of society my fat ass! Alcoholism claims 450,000 lives a year! How many people have died from weed? ZERO, NONE, NADA, ZIP, ZILTCH! Even if it WERE possible to overdose on weed, you'd fall asleep LONG before you were able to smoke that much.

    Moreover, this plant that is illegal because of false pretenses could be used as a cure for an ailing world! It could be burned as a much cleaner, renuable, plentiful fuel. Instead, we use oil, which burns very dirty, isn't renuable, and is in short supply. It could be used as a fabric, similar to cotton, but more comfortable, more breatheable, lighter, and tougher. Oh yeah, and easier to produce! It could be used to make paper, rather then cutting down our precious, and often rare, forests, which are habitats for thousands of species. Species that, by the way, have learned to use what is around them in a naturally regenerating ecosystem... a task us stupid humans havn't figured out how to do yet!

    And while I'm on stupid humans... have I mentioned the Isreal/Pakastan kindergarten-style fight? These people are SO wrapped up in this "I hate you because you're of this other group that my group doesn't agree with" mentality that they don't even see each other as people anymore! It's been over 5000 fucking years. You've been fighting for 5000 fucking years people! GET OVER IT! Pull your heads out of your asses and learn to love one another as fellow human beings. Remember, love? You know, that thing that your prospective religions talk about so much but that you never get the point of?

    No wonder so many people are becoming athiests. The religious people of the world arn't exactly setting a good example for religion anymore. All it is is fight, fight, fight, bicker, bicker, bicker. You believe something a little bit different then I do, so you MUST be wrong and I MUST be right!

    Don't you all see? Can't anyone see anymore? We're all connected! We all have to share this one planet, and we're all in this together. Everything is connected! We live in an ecosystem that connects everything.

    Listen: hate breeds hate, but more importantly, love breeds love. Stop looking at what separates us, and look at what we all have in common, our humanity.

    If I smile at someone they are more likely to smile at someone else, and that person is more likely to smile at someone else, too. If I frown (or worse, scowl) at someone they will be more prone to frown at someone else. It's a chain reaction that works either way. You can make the world a little happier, or a little more sad. The choice is yours.

    (You wanted a rant.... 4000 characters should be enough to tide you over.)
  12. Hehe. It's no biggie. I was just demonstrating the awesome power of the rant. These are just things that have been floating around in my head for a while and kinda' piss me off about the way the world is. I'm not actually angry, as gettting angry won't solve any of the problems (nay, quite the contrary), but it does bug me.

    It bugs me when I see how beautiful and wonderful and whole the world could be, and then I look at the mess we humans have made of it.

    The fix is truely just as simple as making a concious decision to stop being prejudiced, in any form. When we judge people based on unreliable factors we set ourselves up for failure. Treat an asshole as he should be treated, but don't assume he's an asshole because he's a certain race, religion, gender, in a particular financial bracket, or because of any other predetermined reason. And if that asshole comes to you and apologizes for being an asshole, give him another chance; we all make mistakes.
  13. my rant? gm and obiv pretty much summed it up for me

    edit: let me elaberate on that, it's gloomy, i got shit and people rentin space in my head that i don't want to deal with or think about. i'm miserable yet happy. i feel like the life is being sucked out of me, yet i feel like i can fly. when someones ready to change and u've been waiting for 11yrs for it and don't believe it's gunna happen do u give em another chance?do u risk gettin hurt all over again?is it for real this time? or just another ploy to keep me hangin in there. in the game. it's one big fuckin game. how much shit can u handle today? how much is enough? can u play the game today? will u win? maybe tom. you'll win.....fuck.
  14. maybe i should go to the fuck off thread................
  15. nope, guess i'm not done yet.

    i'm just sitting here waiting. waiting for what? idk. thinking. thinkin aboot my life. what i want. is what i have what i want. what's wrong with the whole white picket fence, house,husband, and kids idea? why can't i have that if that's what i want? why does it have to be so hard? and why should i give chances away like they're nothing. i hate bein understanding sometimes, i'm to forgiving. to honest sometimes. i hate to see someone in pain and want to ease their sorrows, but i always get the slap in the face in the end. how does someone hurt someone so much over and over and over and i keep wanting to help him?? how does that work? why? i keep looking for hope, and then outta the blue, i hear everything i want to hear..... but don't believe it. i'm waiting for the big bomb to fall on me. do i escape or do i do what the wife is expected to do? how do ifeel? i feel like there's more out there for me, i feel like i could be happy. i feel like i can finally do what i want to do. but is this my chance or my destruction to come to this realization? yet with all this messed up shit....................i just wanna be home.
  16. thnx mlb, so true and note taken;)!

    (sigh) can i cry now.

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