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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. C'mon i'm bored....ther's like 15 members online and no-ones talking!! cmon Norman give us a rant!!!
  2. not stoned, but i will try..and i doubt it will be the same......nope...i cant:S...but damn if i didnt get stoned saturday off of my mother fucking head, we rode around and smoked like 5 bowls of some dank talkin i was fucking gone, cuz it was only like my second time in two weeks to its hella easier for me to get high now...its just tee da WHAM right up my left nostril goes the high monster as he eats licks fucks mangles chews up spits out seduces elevates tricks treats tickles molests sodomizes dominates and masturbates my mind into i just sit there in the back of this jeep..completely talking toasted..i was muther futhin blazed...i couldnt tlak..i didnt talk..i just sat there...and laughed my fucking head off...wheres nubbin..i miss dude, hoe he feels allright, otherwise ill have to go give him boot to nuts and see if i cant resusitate him..HAHA...boot to nut, soon to replace mouth to mouth..except on chicks, cuz you cant orange flanges blasting mcdougal heimer emancipate the mcvillans from the bug on my computer screen is crawling sideways as the music blaOH GOD HE FELL!!...its neat cuz even when im not high, ive been high enough so i can put my mindset into high mode..and act exactly as tho i were high...and my computer just froze, so i had to type "and exactly as tho i were high" without seeing it come up, and then it flashed up all of a sudden, also, since i have now clicked myself into ranting mode, i gues it would be suitable to rant about my ex...although i dont really know what to say, i will say stuff, she was great, i loved FUCK THAT SHIT...not talkin about her, flaming cactus dildo shaped hot dogs...what if hot dogs did look just like penis'...would we still eat them...i wonder if sperm can think...i dont think it would be a good idea to walk up to a hot chic and say "hey, do you mind if i hang out with you until its safe back where i farted"...HAHAHA, i heard that the other day..and laughed...alot...loudly..repetitively...meow...chicken pices constelation moonbeam squeegy ....what in the fuck am i talking abou tnow....ok...ill draw a i wont..cuz then i would have to post it, and thats a small pain in the ass...but not as big as an elephant penis in your nostril, cuz thats not even a pain in the ass..thats a pain in the gonna start saying pain in the face...thats my new saying...shut the fuck up..your nothing but a little pain in the face...i want to tie two cats tails together..and watch them run around in circles...does anybody have a slinky...i do, they are really fun when stoned..they take care of that whole 'repetitive motion' thing, what else is there to talk about..ive talked about hog tied midgets in basements with nubbin, and spying on nubbin with RMJL...running from...HOLY SHIT THERE IS A BIG ASS MOTHER FUCKING SPIDER STARING ME DOWN...........................................I THINK HE WANTS TO HUMP MY LEG...thats exactly what hes going to do..hes going to hump my leg..imagine as hard as you can that you have a papercut on your eye..doesnt that make you blink?..i know it does me...touch the roof of your mouth, it tickles....i know i know, probably not my best, but this concludes tonights rant portion of our show, thans all and have a great tomorrow
  3. and no one was talkin to ya? Yer WORSE THAN MY DAD! lmfao!

    (He talks ALLOT when he's NOT high....he won't fuckin shut up when he is lmao!) I love him tho!
  4. theres too much to read and im not high or drunk

  5. when i read oh god he fell in such an abrupt way i got the most hilarious mental picture imaginable and burst out laughing in my cubicle at work.
  6. well..he did fall in the most abrupt manner....i dont think there is a sneaky...more discreet way of tumbling from a smooth glass surface to the polished wooden surface of a computer desk
  7. i want to polish a spider and make his shel my house for eons.
  8. ..and that, of course, is what he deserved, for pretending to be a musician, when he was only a butcher!
  9. ..i knew youd come through namrom! ;)
  10. You know...... this thread confuses me so much, I'm jus' gonna bounce away from it..... freaks....

  11. Ahhh......The Chaos.....isn't it calming??????
  12. no.... my head hurts.... owie *sniff*
  13. A Quality Rant dude. Really outdone yourself there norm. I'm kinda feeling like a rant... although with the way i'm feeling i bet it'll rapidly turn into just one big moan about my health. Have you ever wondered what checks there are on drugs from pharmacetical companies??? does anyone know? cos as far as i can see it they are the only ones who check themselves. it appears to me that u take one drug for one ailment, it half cures it or dulls it a little only to set in motion another 2 or 3 problems... and it's not the thing that can be easily checked. so now that these other problems surface you need to treat them.... that means more drugs... FUCK THAT! why do these fools think that they can do it better than nature after 3 years of research, a chance discovery and another couple of years of testing. It's just not possable. Nature has had millions of years of evolution (sorry mullimelli and other non beleivers) and just as much testing. we've even had 5000 years of documented use of cannabis as a medicine, and i don't remember seeing anything about it killing people (thus why the drug war made up all that shit about people going on homicidal murderous rages)..... grrrrrrrr. aaaaanyways.... my real gripe is that they are really big and powerfull they are really the ones in control of the health of the people and not only that they are masters of working the system. They are the daddies of capitalism... and i'm talking about the type of capitalism i really despise... money before the wellbeing of the people and the planet and all else that resides within and without. Greed is their mortal sin and it matters not whom they kill for thier profits. now, u might be thinking... But they don't kill people they save lives! well, sure they migh not have killed as many as the car companies *Digit Coughs the word Ford*, and of course they have defeated some of the greatest threats to mankind, small pox for example.... sure they have acheived all this... it would be a form of capitalism that would die out if they achieved nothing... BUT AT WHAT COST??? they are major players in both ripping off the poor of the world and also keeping the worlds best resource out of reach and use. the only exception here is perhaps the GW pharmaceuticals company... but they too fall prey to the same mistake others have been making for years.... a couple of years of research does not make for a substitute to natures best! This is all at the forefront of my mind right now because it's been a few days since i last smoked cannabis and cannot get any more for a couple of days yet and the pain is pushing me close to going back to the co-proximol.

    If the Pharmacetical giants really did care for the wellbeing of the people they would be the first and most prominent activists speaking out for cannabis legalisation and utilization, because quite simply no one else is in such a good possition to find the truth.... and trust me... they KNOW the truth.

    But of course they will never see it that way... Right now they can manufacture a pill for say, 1.6 cents but sell it for $2.70 or a similar profit margin for most of their products. And do they really want to market something that people can make for themselves for nothing and which would mean many people would stop taking dozens of pills a week each.

    I refuse to be a pill muncher. I wish to be a toker. Should i be a criminal for such? who are my victems? I am a beleiver in No Victim No crime. So is it possable to perhaps finnaly weigh up the possitives and negatives of what the pharmaceticals are doing to us? who is the criminal.? who will be locked up for doing what they do? Me or them? is this fair?

    bits of this world suck. and i'm not talking about vacuums.

    and also .... oooooorgh! i should probably leave this for a whole other post ..... but..................................... doesn't it piss you off that... um ..... stml.. hehe, yeah that pisses me off too... no wait em.... damnit! it's ok when i get this shit when im stoned, but this time its just cos someone distracted me... now what the hell wassit that i thought pissed me of so much ... think damnit think! ummmmmmmmm.... well something pissed me off then, i've forgotten. aaaaaaaargh! i'll tell u what pisses me off now though... the person who made me forget completely what i was gonna write another 1000 words on. I'm sure i'll remember sometime.
    but not today.
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